How To Change A Bike Tyre: The Complete Guide

How To Change A Bike Tyre: The Complete Guide

Many Australians simply can't get enough of bike riding (also known as radfahren in German), whether it is going up ramps at the bike park or burning off the calories while riding down one of Australia's many bike paths. However, there is one thing all riders share in common when it comes to the downside of bike riding: bike tyre replacement.

There is nothing worse than realising your bike has got a flat tyre, especially when you aren't prepared or have the right tools on hand to deal with the problem. To make sure you don't find yourself in this situation and don't know what to do, we have created a complete guide on how to change a bike tyre including everything you need to know!

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Most Commonly Asked Questions


Is changing a bike tire easy?

Yes, changing a bike tyre is much easier than you might think - once you have gotten your head around the process. Keep reading our guide on how to change a bike tyre so this will quickly become second nature to you.

Can you change a bike tire yourself?

Yes, you definitely can change a bike tyre by yourself - with the right knowledge. Most of the time you will encounter a flat bike tyre when riding by yourself, so it pays to have this knowledge.

Can you change a bike tyre without removing the wheel?

No, you must take the old wheel off of your bike if you are intending on replacing it with a new bike tyre. However, you do not need to do this step if you are simply fixing a punctured bike tyre.

Tools To Change A Tyre: What You Will Need

What You Will Need

Surprisingly, you will not need a complete arsenal of tools to simply change your bike tyre. You will, however, require the following tools if you are planning on changing your bike tyre:

  • A bike tyre lever
  • A bike tyre pump
  • A 15mm wrench (if your bike doesn't have a release lever)
  • A new bike tyre (make sure it's the correct size)
  • A new bike tube (if required)
  • Puncture repair kit (if fixing the tyre and not replacing)

How To Remove The Old Bike Tyre

How To Remove The Old Bike Tyre

Turn your bike on its side

Begin by placing your bike on its side and make sure the chain is facing upwards, as this will make it much easier to change the bike tyre, and should always be facing up to avoid any accidental damage to the bike chain. You can also turn your bike completely upside down so the bike is resting on its handlebars and seat.

Adjust the gears

Now you should adjust the gears to the smallest ring (or outer gear). But keep in mind that this step is only required if you are removing the back bike tyre and isn't required if you need to change the front tyre. This will make it much easier to remove the rear of the bike tyre.

Open the release lever

If your bike has one, you must open and remove the release lever, which can be found near the centre of the bike wheel. To do this, pull the release lever upwards and turn the lever 180 degrees. Once loosened, remove it off the axle and put it aside.

If you don't have a release lever, then grab a 15mm wrench to loosen the wheel nuts on both sides instead by turning them. If you are struggling to loosen them, try some WD-40.

Remove the tyre from the bike frame

Now you should be able to lift the bike tyre off of the frame from the forked slot. If you're feeling any resistance, you might need to shift the tyre as you lift it. If you are still encountering resistance, then you may need to detach the brake cables depending on the model of your bike.

How To Change A Bike Tyre Tube

How To Change A Bike Tyre Tube

Deflate the bike tyre

If you need to change the bike tube, begin by completely deflating the removed bike tyre. Do this by taking the air valve cap off of the tyre and putting it aside. Depending on the type of tyre you have, this could instead involve pressing down on the air valve or unscrewing and pulling up the air valve to get the air out.

Begin hooking the tyre lever

Now start hooking in a rounded tyre lever under the outer edge of the bike tyre to release the tyre from the frame. Once done, use the other end of the lever to hook the wheel spoke and keep the tyre edge popped up in position. If you don't have a rounded bike lever, you can use a screwdriver or a spoon, but they can risk damaging the tube or tyre even further.

Work the circumference

Using a second bike lever, insert it near where the first one is and start pressing up on the bike tyre. Now move clockwise around the circumference of the bike tyre and push up on the tyre as you do so. This will result in the side of the tyre becoming loose from the wheel.

Pull out the tube

Now all that's left is to use your fingers and reach in to grab the tyre tube. Gently grab and pull the tube out from the tyre, remembering to go nice and slow.

How To Install A New Bike Tyre Tube

How To Install A New Bike Tyre Tube

Prepare the new bike tube

Get the new bike tube ready by unwrapping it and taking off the lock ring, valve cover and dust cap. Once everything has been taken off, begin unfolding the bike tube.

Inflate the tube

Once you have finished, it is now time to begin inflating the tyre tube. It is also a good idea to inflate the tyre tube before installing as it will help to avoid issues such as pinching, twisting and bending as you are trying to fit it.

Install the tube

Using your fingers, press the bike tube into the tyre. While making sure there are no kinks, twists or bends in the tube, keep pressing and following the length of the tyre. Make sure that the entire tube is fitted snug in the bike tyre before proceeding.

How To Install The New Bike Tyre

How To Install The New Bike Tyre

Fit one side of the tyre back on the wheel

Begin by putting the top of the air valve back on. Now, make sure the outer rim is aligned on one side with the wheel. While pushing, make sure the rim is placed firmly back along the frame of the wheel. And remember, there will be an arrow on the tyre that will indicate which way the tread should be facing.

Place the other side back on the wheel

Firstly, you ensure that the tube is fitted completely underneath the tyre. Then, press your fingers on one side, push against the air valve and ensure the tyre is pressed firmly into place. Working your way around the wheel frame, make sure the tyre is fully on the wheel and firmly in place. Also be sure to check the tyre and make sure there are no issues such as slight bulges or that parts of the tube are twisted or bunched up in areas.

Once done, all that is left is to pump up your bike tyre with air and get back to riding!

And there you have it, you know know how to change a bike tyre and the tyre tube! Before you head out on your next cycling adventure, make sure you have everything you need by exploring our entire cycling range at Anaconda. If you are looking for more tips and tricks or are hungry for a new outdoor adventure, then check out our Adventure HQ for all your outdoor needs.




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