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Get the right directions at all times with our range of 4WD navigation and 4WD communication equipment from Anaconda. Explore our tactical walkie talkies, two-way radios and 4WD UHF kits. Rechargeable handheld radios are ideal for long-range cordless communication, assisted by UHF radio, Bluetooth and smartphone innovations. Nothing beats being outdoors - as long as your home base campsite has waterproof handheld radios or other off-road navigation equipment. Anaconda partners with name brands such as GME, Garmin, Hema and more so we can bring you the widest range of 4WD communication equipment for the best available price.

Two-way radios and walkie talkies are the best way to stay in long-range touch while enjoying the outdoors. Options include the Motorola Talkabout, FRS, or family radio service walkie talkies, UHF CB radios, high-quality radio transceivers and noise-cancelling headsets. Camping navigation and off-road GPS equipment should be at the forefront of considerations when preparing for the unexpected. Anaconda supports outdoor Australians with big-name brand camping, hiking and 4WD navigation equipment that will keep you safe on the trail and in touch with the outside world.

What Are The Best Off-Road Navigation Equipment To Have On A Camping Trip?

This will depend on your style of camping. Many people hardly venture further than caravan parks and roadside rest stops when on a camping/driving vacation, while others prefer to head off on foot with nothing but a backpack and its contents. Whether you spend your time on the road or on the hiking trail, Anaconda provides tailored navigation solutions including GPS, radios, maps, personal locator beacons and more.

How To Use A GPS For Camping?

A GPS can improve your camping and hiking experience in lots of different ways. GPS provides a safety-first approach to exploring new trails and heading off the beaten track. With the right Anaconda equipment on your side, your GPS can help you in ways that include:

  • Location - determine your exact position at all times
  • Navigation - travel safely overland, on the road or at sea from one location to another
  • Tracking - monitor the movements of a person or vehicle
  • Mapping - create maps to assist with orientation and scale
  • Timing - calculating timed exploration taking distances and terrain into consideration

Hiking, camping and other outdoor activities entail risks that should be mitigated as far as possible. It isn't uncommon for people to get lost and disorientated in the Australian wilderness, making off-road GPS and off-road navigation equipment crucial investments for everyone.

Communication & Navigation FAQs

What is the best off-road GPS navigation system?

When it comes to choosing an off-road GPS navigation system that works for you, there are certain factors you must consider. The main factors you need to think about include what subscriptions you will need to access all of the maps, what types of features they offer depending on what your needs are, how accessible it is to use and more.

What is the best UHF for 4x4?

The best UHF radio for your 4x4 will completely depend on what your needs are. But wherever you are travelling to or what your activities may be, some of the most important factors you need to consider include ensuring a high level of brightness of the screen and that you are getting the highest quality of audio possible so you can hear clearly. If you are more experienced, then you'll also want to look for features like customisable UHF frequencies and buttons.

Do I need a UHF in my 4WD?

Yes, you will need a UHF in your 4WD, especially if you enjoy going on long adventures in the remote Australian outback. Having a 4WD UHF kit will make your life on the road a whole lot easier, and will assist with travel and safety when navigating your way through the bush.

Is it illegal to use UHF while driving?

Not at all, it is completely legal to use a 4WD UHF while driving in Australia. Under Australian law, as long as you are sober and still in proper control of your vehicle, 4WD or caravan, it is completely legal to use a CB radio or UHF when driving.

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