Anaconda stocks an array of fishing handlines with a variety of designs to suit all your fishing needs! Uncover the extensive range at Anaconda online.

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Can I purchase handlines at Anaconda?

Yes, we stock the famous Jarvis Walker Handacaster Reel in rigged and unrigged models. The rigged handlines include the hook, line and sinker weighted perfectly for a great introduction to fishing. Anaconda handlines come in a range of colours and sizes for everyone to enjoy a day on the water and a free seafood meal come dinner time. Handline fishing, or 'handling', is one of the oldest forms of fishing and a great introduction to the sport, and you will be surprised at the diverse methods of handline fishing, along with the variety of fish that are willing to take the bait.

What are the benefits of handline fishing?

Handline fishing is an inexpensive way to start fishing. It's also very simple, and in the right hands, extremely effective. Handling doesn't require a rod or reel and avoids time wasted untangling knots and repeatedly re-jigging the reel to get the appropriate tension. The fish won't know you are fishing on a budget and are just as likely to bite. Although a top-line brand, Jarvis Walker handlines at Anaconda cost only around $10 or less and are a great gift for newcomers to fishing.

Are handlines useful for all types of fishing?

Handlines are ideal for river and lake fishing, or simply dropping the line off the back of a relatively slow-moving boat. Most fish are caught within a few metres of the surface so there is no need for long distance casting associated with beach fishing. Jarvis Walker handlines are the ideal length at 100-200m long, providing plenty of scope for catching bottom feeding fish and enjoying the tussle of reeling in the catch of the day. Handline fishing isn't only an amateur pastime however, and there are plenty of professionals throughout the world who wouldn't fish any other way. With handline fishing, there is very little technology between you and the fish, providing a genuine test of skill and stamina.

Can I use lures and floats with a handline?

You certainly can. Increasing your chances of landing a fish is simple with handling, and Anaconda has every fishing accessory required for catching all types of large and small fish. We stock perfectly weighted jig lures with or without tails, 'spinners' that stir up murky water, and soft plastic baits resembling worms, lizards and frogs. Our unbeatable array of floats used in handline fishing are a great visual aid for beginners and an indispensable addition for experienced anglers, and once you have caught the fishing bug you may like to explore more Anaconda fishing accessories including tackle kits, tackle boxes and our dedicated fishing clothing line.

Are handlines strong enough to catch larger fish?

The fish won't discriminate between your handline and a professional fishing rig. Our Jarvis Walker handlines are strong enough to prevent breakage even without a springy rod or the drag from a modern reel. With practice, you will learn the art of handling and be able to cast a good distance, reach deep water, and land the same size fish as professional anglers using expensive equipment.

What else do I need to know about handlines?

Handline fishing has been practised at least as long as recorded history. Experienced handlers aren't swayed by modern fishing rods and tackle, and it's considered a genuine art form among the fishing fraternity. An essential addition for handline fishing are protective gloves. Even if you use the method for catching smaller fish, it's only a matter of time before a larger, more powerful fish takes the bait. Never wrap the line around your hand as fishing line can cut deeply into unprotected skin.

Berkley Cut Resistant Fillet Gloves, available at Anaconda, are the perfect solution for protecting your hands while reeling in your catch. It's also a good idea to keep a sharp knife handy for times when the fish is too powerful or the line gets entangled. You can't win every battle, but the loss of a little line is certainly less expensive than having an entire rod yanked out of your hands and lost to the elements.



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