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Hit The Waves With Bodyboards and Skimboards From Anaconda

Bodyboards and skimboards are a great introduction to water sports and are all ages keen to catch a wave or two. With bodyboards you can easily catch smaller waves or rolling breakers closer to shore, making bodyboarding a fun pastime for anyone. It won't be long before you are attempting drop-knee and kneeling moves, and catching some impressive barrels!

Bodyboards & Skimboards FAQS

What are bodyboards made out of?

Bodyboards are made out of one or more types of plastic, or, with some more affordable options, out of lightweight plastic foam. Higher quality bodyboards may still have a foam core but also have a harder plastic bottom, called a slick - as well as a deck, and rails made of softer foam. The deck is the top of the board, and the rails are the sides. The front of the board is the nose, and the back is called the tail. In many boards, one, two, or three carbon or graphite rods will run inside the board down its length. These rods, called stringers, provide strength and spring to the board.

Bodyboards vs surfboards vs paddleboards: what's the difference?

Bodyboards (also referred to as "boogie boards") are a shorter, more stable and slightly less responsive type of surfboard. A bodyboarder lays on the bodyboard rather than standing, as you would on a surfboard. Paddleboards are similar to surfboards in their narrow and long construction. Paddleboarding involves sitting, lying or kneeling on the board and using your arms to propel yourself through the water. There's also stand-up paddling (SUP) which is done as the name suggests - standing on a board and paddling with a long-hand to propel oneself through the water. For more details about these different sports and the boards used, check out our video below!

What to wear bodyboarding and skimboarding?

When it comes to having the right gear for bodyboarding there are many options available. If you're just starting out, your favourite bathers or boardshorts will generally do the trick while you're still learning the ropes. Just make sure you're wearing something comfortable and shift around in rough waves or the surf. As you become more experienced, a rash vest is essential, as it prevents your skin from chafing against the surface of the board. For those bodyboarding in colder water, a wetsuit is a must-have. At Anaconda you can find women's swimwear, men's swimwear and kids' swim & surf wear to suit the whole family.

What is a bodyboard leash?

Wear your body board as well! Some people prefer to have to have a leash attached to their bodyboard. Without a leash, it is easier to lose the board after falling off, especially if you are some distance out to sea or the waves and/or currents are strong. Leashes can either attach to the rider's wrist or upper arm. Some boards come with a leash already attached, but they can also be bought separately as an accessory.

What size bodyboard do I need?

Most bodyboards will list their size in inches, and each size is best suited to a particular height and weight combination of the rider. For example, a 37" board will suit a rider between 123 cm to 153 cm in height and a weight of 30 kg to 50 kg. A 42" board is designed to accommodate a rider 168 cm to 183 cm with a weight ranging between 70 kg to 100 kg.

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