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At Anaconda, you will be able to find many different types of leader lines, suitable for the varied fishing conditions on land and in the sea. Shop Now!

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Many anglers believe that the secret to catching more fish is using leader lines. In most cases, leader line is thinner and less visible to fish than your main fishing line, resulting in more hits. Also, fluorocarbon leader line is more resistant to abrasion and can save your main line from wear and tear. At Anaconda, you will be able to find many different types of fluorocarbon, monofilament and braid leader lines suitable for the varied fishing conditions. Choose from a range of different weights of mono leader line and other fishing line products at Anaconda, at prices regular Australians can afford.


Yes you can. Many anglers Choose Anaconda leader lines, swivels, spool, jigs, fishing reels and fishing accessories. Anaconda partners with major manufacturers from Australia and around the world, such as Berkley, Shimano, Jarvis Walker, Black Magic, Daiwa, Penn and other great fishing brands. High quality monofilament leader line provides abrasion resistance and less stress of fishing rods and fishing reels. Fishing leader line is essential for optimising fishing tackle effectiveness, and you should pair your leader braid line or other leader line with suitable hard body lures, soft body lures, live bait, sinkers and spinning reels.

The Anaconda collection available Australia-wide includes cast nets, fly fishing gear, kayaks, waders, spinner reels, sharpeners and the best fishing rods and fishing accessories from Yo-Zuri, Platypus, Plano and Rovex, so you can have confidence in your purchase. whether you require life jackets, first aid kits and aerators for the boat, or abrasion resistant monofilament line for mainline leader material, we have what you need at Anaconda. If shopping online, simply make a wishlist, add products to your shopping cart and proceed to checkout for speedy service and delivery to your door. At Anaconda, we offer gift cards, Afterpay and the lowest available price on all stocked items.


There are a few different situations in which you may want to use a leader line. For example, if your main spool of line is spooled up with monofilament fishing line, then you may want to tie on a fluorocarbon leader. The fluorocarbon leader is virtually invisible to fish, which will help you get more hits. Fluorocarbon line is also very abrasion resistant, so it will take more abuse if you are fishing in areas that are rocky or have other rough structures, and thus save your main spool of line from wear and tear.

Some fishermen prefer to tie on a thinner monofilament leader to their main spool of monofilament line. The main fishing line on your spool could be for instance a 12-pound test monofilament and you could tie on a 6-pound test monofilament as a leader line. Again, this will be less visible to fish and can help you get more hits.

Another scenario is that you may want to tie a monofilament or fluorocarbon leader on to your main spool of braided fishing line. In this case, the monofilament line or the fluorocarbon line would both be less visible to the fish than the braided line. Because braid is so visible, it is generally preferred to use a leader line with braid. If your main spool of line is monofilament line or fluorocarbon line, then a leader line is optional.


Yes, here at Anaconda you will find everything you need for fishing different species of fish in various locations, including sea fishing, lake fishing, fly fishing, canoe fishing and many more. With equipment, accessories and essentials for beginners and expert anglers of all ages, as well as special kits for youngsters, you will find everything you need right here in one convenient place.



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