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What spearfishing accessories do I need?

So you've got your speargun, snorkel and wetsuit and you're ready to head out and catch some fish. Awesome! Just make sure you've got all the spearfishing accessories you need before you go, because without them you might not make the best use of your time in the water.

Spearfishing accessories like a dive knife, weight belts and diving gloves aren't just nice to haves, they're essential if you want to stay safe, comfortable, and able to perform on your dive. Let's look at some essential accessories to take with you if you're looking to hit the water.

Dive knives are not only used for killing fish as quickly and humanely as possible but can be used to cut yourself free should you become tangled in your line, making them an essential piece of spearfishing equipment.

Diving weight belts enable spearos to dive faster and deeper. The human body's natural buoyancy can make it difficult to move around in deep water without additional weight and that's where your weight belt comes in.

Dive boots will keep your feet warm when you're not wearing diving fins, but they'll also provide much needed grip when you're walking on a boat or the ocean floor, especially in rocky areas.

Diving gloves will help to keep your hands warm but more importantly, they'll protect your hands when handling fish, as well as rocks etc.

Spearfishing tips for beginners

Spearfishing is an exciting adventure sport but it can be very dangerous if you're unprepared. You need to consider dangers such as marine traffic (boats may not see you in the water), waves pushing you onto rocks and sharks looking for something to nibble on - and there are many more.

Spearfishing can be done safely but you do need to have a basic understanding of the environment you're in and what to look out for. Before you head out on your spearfishing adventure, make sure you've done adequate research and have a good understanding of what you need to be aware of.

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