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Sharpen Your Focus & Vision With Powerful Binoculars From Anaconda

Take your explorations to the next level with high-quality binoculars from Anaconda's range of camping & hiking equipment. With the right pair of binoculars, you can observe native wildlife from a safe distance, or examine star constellations with ease during a peaceful stargazing session. A practical addition to any camping, trekking or marine adventure, binoculars also give you the peace of mind of being able to see ahead to any potential dangers or hazards.

What Features Can I Find In Binoculars At Anaconda?

Anaconda's binocular range is specially selected to offer you exceptional magnifications with wide fields of view, and include features such as multi-coated optics, collapsible designs, carry cases and neck straps, infra-red night vision and more! You can even find high-tech options in night vision binoculars which allow you to record experiences thanks to built-in screen features and TV connection capabilities!

Binoculars FAQs

What do the numbers mean on binoculars?

Model numbers on binoculars denote the magnification power (i.e. strength) and size (the objective lens diameter). For example, a pair of 10 x 50 binoculars indicates a magnification power of 10 and an objective lens size of 50 mm. Keep in mind that the larger the lens size and magnification usually equates to a heavier pair of binoculars. Opt for a smaller pair for long hikes or treks, and reserve those with larger lens sizes for observing nature in low-light scenarios.

How do binoculars work?

Binoculars contain lenses and prisms to change the direction of light that goes through them - which in turn, changes the image of the object being viewed. The lenses facing the object being viewed are known as the objective lenses. Once light passes through the objective lenses and prisms, it finally hits the lenses in the eyepieces to magnify the image. While telescopes also magnify objects to make them appear much closer than they are, binoculars offer greater portability and a wider field of view.

How to focus binoculars

Binoculars feature both a centre focusing ring or dial, as well as what is known as a diopter that can compensate for any differing vision strengths between your left and right eye. The first step in calibrating or focusing binoculars is to use the centre focus system.

  • Gaze through the binoculars and ensure that your holding position is comfortable and that you see one intact circle of vision. If not, adjust the distance between the barrels by pulling outwards or pushing inwards. This is known as adjusting the IPD, or inter-pupillary distance.
  • Close your right eye (or block out the right objective lens), and look through the binoculars with your left eye only.
  • Choose an object to look at in the mid to long-range distance. If it's a little blurry, adjust the centre dial to bring it into clear focus.
  • Then using only your right eye, look at your target again. If the object is now out of focus, rotate the diopter (not the centre focus knob) until the image is once again clear and sharp.

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