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Many Australian anglers began their fishing adventure with Jarvis Walker rods. Today, the range of rods and reels is unsurpassed, with new rods, reels, lines, lures and accessories introduced every year. The commitment to affordability is unwavering, with Jarvis Walker fishing gear amongst the best value on the market. The wide range of Jarvis Walker gear available at Anaconda is proof that this company has the angling gear you need, for the best possible price. If you want confidence in the fishing lines and tackle you purchase: choose Jarvis Walker. Winners of countless awards and providing the best equipment for professional and amateur anglers, Jarvis Walker also introduces youngsters to the joy of fishing. The all-ages fishing tackle product range is incredibly diverse, encouraging adults and kids from Australia and around the world to appreciate a healthy and active outdoor lifestyle.

Our range of Jarvis Walker fishing rods, reels and fishing gear is synonymous with reliability and affordability, making them ideal companions for any fishing expedition. Jarvis Walker bait caster reels boast smooth operation and durability, essential for casting accuracy and control. Jarvis Walker telescopic rods offer portability without compromising on strength or sensitivity, perfect for anglers on the move. The Jarvis Walker Fish Hunter series embodies innovation, designed to track down elusive catches with ease. Jarvis Walker reels are crafted with precision, providing smooth retrieves and sturdy construction. Whether you're a novice or a seasoned angler, Jarvis Walker's range ensures dependable performance, allowing you to focus on the thrill of the catch. Shop our entire Jarvis Walker range at Anaconda online or in-store today!

Jarvis Walker FAQs

How to set up a Jarvis Walker fishing rod?

To set up a Jarvis Walker fishing rod, start by attaching the reel to the rod's reel seat, ensuring it's securely tightened. Thread the fishing line through the rod's guides, starting from the tip and working towards the reel. Tie a strong knot, like the improved clinch knot, to attach the line to the reel spool. Adjust the drag knob to your desired tension. Now, you're ready to cast and reel in your next big catch!

How to use a Jarvis Walker knife sharpener?

Using a Jarvis Walker knife sharpener is easy. Hold the sharpener firmly on a flat surface. Place the blade in the slot at a 90-degree angle. Draw the blade towards you, applying gentle pressure. Repeat this motion several times, alternating sides for an even sharpening. Check the blade's sharpness by carefully touching its edge. Once sharp, rinse the blade to remove any metal shavings. Your knife is now ready for precise cuts and clean filleting.

Are Jarvis Walker hooks any good?

Jarvis Walker hooks are reliable and widely used by anglers for their quality and durability. Available in various sizes and styles to suit different fishing needs, they offer strong penetration and secure hooksets. Whether for freshwater or saltwater fishing, Jarvis Walker hooks hold up well against tough fish species. Anglers trust them for their sharpness and strength, making them a dependable choice for successful fishing outings.

Are Jarvis Walker lures good?

Jarvis Walker lures are known for their effectiveness and affordability, making them popular among anglers. Designed to mimic the movement and appearance of natural bait, they entice a wide range of fish species. Whether fishing in freshwater or saltwater, Jarvis Walker lures offer versatility and durability. Anglers appreciate their vibrant colours and realistic action, often leading to successful catches. With a variety of styles available, Jarvis Walker lures are a trusted choice for any fishing adventure.

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