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Swim & Surfwear

Swim & Surfwear

Like to get wet and wild? Let us provide the perfect clothing for it, from our swim and surfwear range from boardies, rashies, swimsuits, wetsuits and also swimming goggles from Anaconda!

Style up and surf on!

Shop The Adventure and Swim With Anaconda.

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What Swim and Surf Wear can I buy from Anaconda?

Anaconda offers a large selection of swimwear for men, women and children. Our range of swim clothing consists of swimsuits, rash guards, jammers, sun tops, swim trunks, water shorts, wetsuits and goggles. These are great for taking a dip in the water, swimming, surfing, kayaking and other water sports.

If you’re just hanging around the water, we also offer casual clothing such as cargo shorts, and walking shorts for men, and long sleeve tees and capri shorts for women. These lightweight casual clothes allow you to feel cool and comfortable all day long, while offering good protection from the sun’s UV rays.

What brands of Swim and Surf Wear does Anaconda offer?

Here at Anaconda, we carry products from top swim and surf wear brands like Speedo and Body Glove. Our range of casual swim and surf wear come from outdoor recreation brands like The North Face, Columbia, Helly Hansen, Cederberg, Vigilante and Seak, among many others.

What benefits do Swim and Surf Wear provide?

Properly designed swimwear lets you glide through the water with minimal effort and won’t accidentally come loose as you get in and out of the water. Wearing regular clothes and sportswear in the water will weigh you down and creates more drag while swimming. On the other hand, lightweight swimwear makes staying afloat and swimming seem effortless.

Whether you’re in or out of the water, you’ll also need adequate protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays. Too much sun exposure will give you sun burns, especially if you’re out swimming, surfing or boating for several hours at a time. A good sun top or long sleeved shirt can literally save your skin and allow you to come back to the beach or the water day after day for more fun and enjoyment.

How do I choose the right Swim and Surf Wear?

If you’re a competitive swimmer, lap times and maximum efficiency is very important. In order to create less drag in the water, you’ll need swimwear that doesn’t hang loose or weigh you down like a pair of shorts or a t shirt. Skin tight swimsuits for women, and jammers or trunks for men are your best swimwear options if you care about speed and maximizing your endurance.

For different types of board sports like surfing, body boarding or stand up paddle boarding, a rash guard keeps your upper body from getting bruised and scratched up, as you repeatedly get on and off your board.

For colder waters, a wetsuit gives you an extra layer of insulation. It also provides additional buoyancy which helps you conserve energy when you fall of your board. Thicker wetsuits provide more insulation and buoyancy, but tend to be less flexible.

If you don’t necessarily have to get wet or be in the water all the time, you can wear quick drying tops and shorts. These will let you take a splash or two without looking like your soaked or drenched in water all the time. You can wear these types of swim and surf wear whenever you’re just hanging out at the beach, kayaking or boat fishing.

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