As Australia’s leading outdoor adventure and fishing retailer, Anaconda naturally partners with Shimano. Fishing brands don’t come any bigger than Shimano, and every product in our extensive range is on offer for the lowest available price.

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Shimano fishing rods and fishing reels are among the best on the market in Australia. Anglers know the fishing tackle and equipment required for targeting local fish species, assisted by the extensive Anaconda range of Shimano fishing gear, fishing lures, fishing line, tackle boxes and other great equipment. Shimano fishing rods and Shimano reels are a major Anaconda attraction worth further inspection for Australian fishing adventures.


There are lots of Shimano fishing gear options available at Anaconda. Australian anglers expect fishing tackle to land large fish such as Bream, Snapper and Barra, and Shimano rods and Shimano reels are in demand. Shimano fishing gear options include Shimano Stella, Shimano Power Pro and Shimano Stradic. Shimano is real fishing gear designed for anglers of all styles, and is the perfect introduction to saltwater fishing, baitrunner fishing, jigging or trolling. Other great Shimano product options include the Stradic ci4, Stradic fl, Shimano Tiagra, Shimano Ocea, Shimano Sedona and Shimano Sienna.

Shimano has been manufacturing superior gear for anglers since 1921, and Shimano fishing reels are still the number-1 choice for serious fishermen. Explore the entire Shimano rod and fishing reel collection online or in-store at Anaconda, and get your next fishing adventure underway.


This range includes a whole host of fishing gear, kit, tackle and essentials from the Shimano range. Whether you are looking for top quality clothes and accessories, a classic Shimano rod, reels or perhaps a reel cover to keep it safe. We also have a range of Shimano telescopic combos, from great value kits to premium products. These rod and reel outfits provide a fully functional portable fishing kit that is ideal for those wanting to fish further afield. All of the Shimano fishing nets have been designed to help to protect the great outdoors that we love so much and the animals that live in it. Reduce your footprint on the environment and help to protect Australia's vulnerable species. Whatever tools, accessories or fishing equipment you are looking, choose Shimano for top-quality rods at Anaconda's unbelievable prices.


There are several different types of fishing rods to choose from, and the one that you pick will depend on what kind of fishing you do the most. If you are not quite sure which of these Shimano rods would be the right choice for you, then check out our handy guide below:

Spinning rods: Spinning rods are amongst the most popular types, and they have are usually smaller and lighter than the typical casting rod. The reel hangs underneath the rod, and this is a popular type of rod used by amateur anglers.

Casting rods: Bait casters, beach casters and other casting rods have been purposely designed so that you are able to place your bait and lure correctly into your target spot., The reel is used on the top of the rod, and

Surf rods: Surf rods are usually long which allows for a heavy sinker and bait, thus allowing the angler to cast further or to use a two-handed casting technique. They can be used from the beach, rocks, or from the shore#

Overhead rods: These are the classic rods used for boat fishing, and they work alongside an overhead reel and yet are shorter and more powerful than a casting rod. These are designed for catching big game fish, and you should not cast with these. Just drop the line in, and wait for your catch of the day to start biting.

Telescopic Combos: Telescopic combos are popular amongst beginners, as they include everything that you need to get fishing right away.


If your care for your Shimano rod properly, it will last for years to come, helping you to keep catching for longer. After you have finished your fishing for the day, always wash your rod down with fresh water, being careful to remove any salt or residue from the ocean. Wipe down your rod properly with a damp sponge or cloth and then allow it to dry off. When cleaning, pay particular notice to the guide and reel seat, as these are touched continuously while you are fishing. Check your rod and guides carefully for any damage. Even the smallest fracture in a guide can snap your fishing line. Store rods when they have been properly cleaned and thoroughly dried, and always avoid the use of any harsh chemicals.



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