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What are the Benefits of a Hydration Pack

Hydration pack have many benefits including:

Convenience: No need to stop or even slow down for a drink just put your mouth over the mouthpiece and drink whilst on the go!

Efficiency & performance: Hydration packs tend to carry more liquid than traditional water bottles thus keeping you moving and hydrated for longer. People also tend to drink more with hydration packs given the how quick and easy it is and remain more hydrated which means they perform better.

Cool Factor: Let's face it, hydration pack are cool enabling you to focus on the activity and hydrate hands free - you will also be able to lovingly mock your bottle-lugging mates for being antiquated.

How to Choose a Hydration Pack

Choose based on activity:

  • Day hikers, backpackers, climbers: Reservoir storage only (2-3 Litres).
  • Trail runners, racers, fitness walkers: Waist pack or small 1 Litre hydration pack.
  • Road cyclist focussed on maximising speed: Small pack, traditional water bottle.
  • Recreational cyclists: Small aerodynamic pack with 1-2 Litre reservoir and minimal cargo space.
  • Touring cyclists: Small to Medium pack with larger 2-3 Litre reservoir.
  • Mountain bikers: Large pack with 2-3 Litre reservoir and ample cargo space.
  • Skiers, Snowboarders: Small to medium pack with 2 Litre reservoir and preferably insulation sip tubes to avoid freezing.

Some other considerations:

Bigger isn't necessarily better: Yes, you can fit more in but it is less aerodynamic and will not be as stable on your back. A waist belt may help to stabilise a back pack when carrying a larger load.

Bite Valves: Bit valve are where you drink from and are the area most prone to leaks. Choosing one with an on/off switch will ensure minimum leakage. Note that as bit valves are the most used part of the hydration pack that may need replacing once or twice in the life of the hydration system.

Purchasing a Water Bottle at Anaconda

Anaconda stock a great range of water bottles for every activity from great brands including CamelBak, Denali, Spinifex, Nike, Adidas, LifeStraw Go, Gerber and Bushtracks.

Buying a reusable water bottle is a great way to going green and is a no-brainer, yet consumption data shows that many still purchase plastic water bottles from Supermarkets and outlets.

Recent figures show that approximately 27% of Australians still purchase and drink bottled water in any given 7 day period and this has been increasing. Help get this particular stat down and buy a reusable water bottle as soon as possible. Let's all aim to fill bottles rather than landfills...

What key Attributes Should I Consider When Purchasing a Water Bottle?

Volume: How much liquid does it carry?

Suitability for activity: Is it appropriate for the activity I am doing? For example is it light and insulated, large enough, easy to carry?

Durability: Will it cope with being dropped or used as you plan to use it?

Ease of Use: For example straws allow for sipping without tipping, smaller openings minimize potential spillage whilst larger openings accommodate ice and are more convenient to clean.

Versatility: What types of liquids can you carry in it? Is it multipurpose?

Things to Consider When Purchasing Water Purification Tools

The truth is that the method of water purification treatment employed depends on the location and nature of your chosen adventure/activity.

Here are some important factors to consider when choosing a water purification and treatment method:

Purifiers v Filters: Gain knowledge about the sort of things you are trying to avoid in the water in the location you are camping, hiking etc...

Types of water filters and water purifiers: Different water treatment techniques vary in weight, time to treat, and effort required. Make sure that you choose a type that will suit you.

The role of a pre-filter: If the water source is going to be murky with large debris it is worth choosing a water treatment with a pre-filter.

Know water treatment best practices: It is important to learn basic hygiene and usage guideline for water treatment before attempting to purify water - knowledge is important to ensure that you use the chosen device properly.



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