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A hydration pack with hydration bladder is an essential piece of equipment for trekking in Australia. Great options available at Anaconda include famous Camelbak, Osprey and Sea To Summit gear suitable for trekking, mountaineering and trail running in backcountry wilderness areas. High quality products include the Camelbak Crux hydration bladders with up to 3-litres water storage so your personal hydration system never runs dry.

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At Anaconda you can find a great range of insulated water bottles, hydration packs and bladders, water storage like jerry cans and water purification equipment. Discover camping and hiking hydration gear from great brands including Camelbak, Hydrapak, Salomon and Dune 4WD. We have quality reusable water bottles which will be your camping companion for years of reliable service. A BPA-free water bottle is lightweight and easily transported in a daypack, rucksack, dry bag or hiking pack, allowing you to move forward with confidence. Take advantage of Anaconda hydrapak, hydration bladder, hydration reservoir or water bottle options for your next outdoor adventure.

Discover The Benefits Of Hydration Equipment For Any Outdoor Adventure

Hydration packs, hydration bladders and other complete hydration systems have many benefits including:

  • Convenience: No need to stop or even slow down for a drink. These hydration reservoirs have convenient bite valves and plenty of water storage, without the need for a refill while trekking.
  • Efficiency & performance: Hydration packs can carry more liquid than water bottles and are attachable to hiking packs. The convenience of on-the-move water supply lends itself to trekkers drinking more often and remaining hydrated.
  • Cool Factor: Hydration packs keep water cool and are hands-free. Temperatures can soar in Australia, making your hydration kit an essential component of trekking and mountaineering safety, and an ideal complement for other first aid gear.

Hydration Supplies FAQs

How to choose the right hydration gear

First of all, consider the activity you'll need to stay hydrated for. If hiking, backpacking or mountaineers, a 2-3L hydration pack is a great option. If you're a keen cyclist and are focussed on maximising speed, opt for a smaller hydration waist pack or an insulated water bottle. Make sure you factor in storage options for extended outdoor adventures, and the number of campers you'll need to keep refreshed and hydrated. Remember - bigger isn't necessarily better. A large hydration pack provides more water storage but may be more cumbersome to carry around, depending on your chosen activity.

How much water do I need to take camping?

When planning a camping trip where fresh potable water isn't readily available, it's essential that you take enough water with you. You'll need enough to drink and stay hydrated every day, brush your teeth, make warm beverages and cook food. Make sure you balance out having enough vs too much to carry. As an example, for short day hikes you'll need around 3L per person, per day. If you are going on a multiday hike it won't be feasible to carry all the water you need, so ensure you have water purification equipment so you can safely collect water on the way. For more information on how much water to take camping and choosing the right hydration gear, check out Anaconda's handy hydration buying guide.

Do I need any accessories for my hydration gear?

In many cases, water purification equipment is an essential addition to your water bottles or hydration packs - especially if you're headed off the beaten track for more than a day or so. It ensures you always have the option of purifying water from rivers or streams if you run short on supplies. Even if a freshwater source looks clean, there's always the possibility of it harbouring nasty bacteria that can make you very ill.


If you're planning an off-grid adventure, drink bottles, water storage and hydration packs are absolute essentials. Anaconda's range of hydration equipment will help you stay healthy and hydrated, no matter where you wander. You can also find everything else you need to stay nourished on your camping & hiking adventure with our huge range of camp cooking essentials. Discover camping stoves, cookware, camp food and much more! Shop the selection at your local Anaconda store, or make your purchases online and enjoy the convenience of home delivery and click & collect options. For some great inspiration for your next camping trip, make sure you explore our informative Camping & Hiking Adventure Centre articles as well!



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