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Find Essential Camping Toilet Chemicals and Accessories at Anaconda

Anaconda offers an extensive range of toilet chemical products designed to break down waste in a portable camping toilet, motorhome toilet or toilet bowl. These high-quality toilet chemicals are a must-have for motorhome and camper van travellers, and equally important for stationary camping toilets. Portable toilets made for camping and motorhome adventures require special chemicals to properly break down toilet waste and to keep the toilet clean and hygienic. You'll also need to use special toilet paper that's designed to easily break down when used with portable toilets. Anaconda stocks trusted brands when it comes to toilet hygiene, this includes Thetford, Spinifex and more.

Camping Toilet and Accessories FAQs

What are the Different Types of Thetford Toilet Chemicals?

Toilet chemicals for portable toilets generally come in two colours: pink for the flush tank and blue for the waste tank. Thetford toilet chemicals provide impressive sanitiser action and also assist with insect protection.

  • Pink Flush And Rinse Chemicals: Pink toilet chemicals are used in combination with freshwater in the flush tank to keep the toilet bowl clean and free of deposits. It also helps the toilet flush down waste smoothly and leaves a protective layer on the bowl itself to prevent deposits from accumulating. It also prevents algae from growing in the freshwater tank when it is not being used for long periods of time. Pink toilet chemicals are also scented to keep your portable toilet smelling fresh at all times.
  • Blue Waste Treatment Chemicals: Blue toilet chemicals are used in the waste tank to break down waste matter and to eliminate unpleasant odours and gas build-up. When the chemical is no longer able to effectively break down waste it will turn green, which means it is time to empty out the waste tank.
    Old formulations of blue toilet chemicals used to contain formaldehyde which can be highly toxic. Nowadays, blue toilet chemicals are more environmentally friendly and not harmful to the skin.

What other portable toilet accessories should I consider?

Other essential toilet accessories include specially designed dissolvable toilet paper, a canvas storage bag to discreetly store all your toilet supplies and compostable camp toilet bags for when any emergencies arise.

Where do you empty a camping toilet?

Ensure that you only empty your camping toilet or caravan toilet at dedicated dump points, they can commonly be found at caravan parks and other public areas. You can also empty camping toilets into toilets which are attached to a sewerage system, never empty camping toilets into a septic system or drop toilet.

Find Effective and Reliable Portable Toilet Chemicals At Anaconda

Anaconda has your back when it comes to camping toilet chemicals and accessories. Ensure your outdoor adventure goes smoothly with quality products from our range. Find everything you need to set up a comfortable camping bathroom including toilet tents, camping showers, camping hot water heaters and more. For more information, check out the comprehensive Camping Toilets and Showers Buying Guide and more great inspirational articles on the Adventure Centre such as The Ultimate Camping Essentials Checklist and The Best Spots For Camping in Sydney. Anaconda is your one-stop adventure retailer, being the destination for all your equipment needs, shop online and enjoy the convenience of home delivery, or visit your nearest store today!



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