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It's important to establish a safe and environmentally-friendly camp site when visiting outdoor Australia, making portable toilets and toilet chemicals an important part of the equation. With Anaconda's range of portable toilet chemicals, you can ensure a safe and hygienic adventure. Shop from our portable toilet and toilet chemicals accessories range at Anaconda.

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What toilet chemicals and accessories can I buy from Anaconda?

Anaconda offers a complete range of toilet chemicals, parts and accessories to keep your portable toilet in good working order at all times. Portable toilets made for camping and caravanning require special chemicals to properly break down waste and to keep the toilet itself clean after every flush.

You'll also need to use special toilet paper that's designed to be used with portable toilets so it can be easily broken down and won't cause blockages in the system.

We also sell extra parts for portable toilets like replacement seals, bellows, tank caps and hose adaptors. You'll also find accessories like seat covers, cleaning brushes, carrying bags and shower buckets to complement your mobile bathroom.

What are the different kinds of chemical toilets?

Chemical toilets for camping and caravanning typically come in two varieties: the porta potti and the cassette toilet.

Porta Potti

Porta Potties are the most common type of chemical toilet. These are truly portable toilets that can be easily carried or stowed away when not in use.

It doesn't need to be connected to water mains or a drainage system. It has a tank for freshwater to flush with and a separate waste tank. To make emptying the waste tank easier and less messy, most porta potties have a dedicated pour-out spout.

Cassette Toilet

Internal cassette toilets are a more permanent solution and are typically installed in motor homes, campervans and RVs. Its waste storage tank can be accessed from outside the vehicle and also needs to be emptied when full. It also uses the same chemicals as porta potties do to keep the odour down and break down any biological waste it is holding.

What are the different types of toilet chemicals?

Toilet chemicals for portable toilets generally come in two colours: pink for the flush tank and blue for the waste tank.

Pink Flush and Rinse Chemicals

Pink toilet chemicals are used in combination with freshwater in the flush tank to keep the toilet bowl clean and free of deposits. It also helps the toilet flush down waste smoothly and leaves a protective layer on the bowl itself to prevent deposits from accumulating. It also prevents algae from growing in the freshwater tank when it is not being used for long periods of time. Pink toilet chemicals are also scented to keep your portable toilet smelling fresh at all times.

Blue Waste Treatment Chemicals

Blue toilet chemicals are used in the waste tank to break down waste matter and to eliminate unpleasant odours and gas build-up. When the chemical is no longer able to effectively break down waste it will turn green, which means it is time to empty out the waste tank.

Old formulations of blue toilet chemicals used to contain formaldehyde which can be highly toxic. Nowadays, blue toilet chemicals are more environmentally friendly and not harmful to the skin.



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