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Give your feet a vacation with our reliable variety of mens sandals and thongs available at Anaconda. Shop mens sandals and thongs now in-store and online.

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Can I purchase mens sandals and thongs at Anaconda?

Yes, you can! Our range of mens sandals and thongs comes in many different shapes and sizes that are suitable for a wide range of activities and occasions including lounging by the pool, walking or even just enjoying some leisure time around the home. With thongs, sandals, clogs, slippers and more in a variety of designs, materials and colours, you will be able to find your perfect mens footwear here at Anaconda.

Are leather sandals included in the range?

Yes, our sandals come in many different materials including leather. Choose from different options such as the stylish and simple Teva Mens, Tanza leather Sandal which features leather uppers, waterproof upper materials, hook and loop closures, shoc Pads in the heel, microfibre footbeds, nylon shanks and Spider Original rubber outsoles, or take a look at the Keen Arroyo II, Keen Arroyo II, which combines all the best features of a hiking shoe and a sandal in one comfortable style. Open vents in the waterproof leather provide maximum breathability, and the multi-directional lug outsole bites into tough terrain.

What sizes are available in mens sandals and thongs?

Sizes will vary for individual footwear styles, so make sure you check the individual product details displayed next to each style. Our range of sizes in this category covers from 4 - 16, while other styles are available in sizes 25 - 46, so most foot sizes can be accommodated without any problem. Crocs footwear, which is also included in the range, offers a slightly different measurement style but features a measuring comparison guide in the product details.

What else should I know about mens sandals and thongs?

Although most sandals and thongs are open styles of footwear, you will find many levels of protection available. It is always important to consider your chosen activity when selecting footwear. If you are planning to wear them in or around water, it is important to make sure the materials are waterproof and you have soles that will offer some slip resistance. Climbing or walking uneven terrain may require some more protection at the front of the toes, plus a sandal that will not slip off easily even when on uneven terrain, and which has soles that can withstand sharp stones. For more options, it is worth noting that there is a special mens hike and trail shoes, as well as a section on mens aqua and dive shoes, which will offer you even more choices.

Does Anaconda sell other shoes for men too?

Yes, as well as the above-mentioned options, you can also find sports shoes such as cycling shoes, running shoes and more at Anaconda, as well as casual shoes, and a range of snow, aprè -s and gumboots for different weather conditions, so whatever the weather or your chosen activity, you can find suitable footwear here at Anaconda in a range of colours, sizes and styles, all at great prices.



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