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Approximately 85% of all Australians live within 50km of the coast. We are known for our love of the ocean and are fortunate to live in a country where outdoor lifestyles are prioritised and fun-filled days at the beach are enjoyed by all. However, we are also among the most sun-damaged people on earth, and the pleasure of a day at the beach is short-lived if it results in painful, blistering sunburn. The simple family-safety solution, a beach tent, beach shelter or beach umbrella from Anaconda.

What Is A Beach Tent and What Are the Benefits?

A beach tent resembles a regular pop-up tent or camping tent in several ways. Both are manufactured using lightweight but strong polyester or nylon for sun shade and waterproof protection. Various styles and sizes of beach tents are available for sheltering from harsh sun rays, including cabana-style, gazebo-style and easy-up beach tents from name brands. Beach tents and sun shelters include adaptable walls, sturdy floors and UV protection for added beach shade comfort during your day out.

Sun protection beach tents are versatile and suitable for use at other locations including parks, gardens, campsites and picnic areas. They can be used to shelter people, foodstuffs and belongings from the weather, and are stowed in their own carry bag. There are plenty of uses for beach tents, some of which you may not have discovered, so here are a few ways to maximise the functionality of a beach tent, sun shade, gazebo, cabana or other outdoor shelter.

  • Protection from the elements: This is usually the primary purpose of a beach tent. You will appreciate complete protection against harmful sun exposure, while other benefits include protection from wind, showers, insects, sand and ocean spray.
  • Privacy: Australia's most popular beaches get crowded during summer, but with a beach tent or beach shade you can still put your personal stamp on proceedings. When sheltered under your beach tent you and your family or friends can enjoy each other's company without your personal space being invaded. A pop-up tent or beach tent also provides a modest shelter from prying eyes while you change from your wet bathing suit.
  • Protecting your belongings: It's important not to leave valuables exposed to prying eyes while at the beach. A beach tent or sunshade reduces the chances of opportunistic thieves snatching your belongings, although it is highly recommended to keep a watchful eye on children and possessions at all times. Your food and drinks will also remain much fresher if kept out of direct sunlight in a Coleman icebox.
  • Simple to set up: You don't need to be an experienced camper to erect an instant pop-up beach tent. In fact, a beach tent can be set up in moments, particularly beach shade tents that unfold and fold up effortlessly. For additional sturdiness and safety from wind gusts, your beach tent can be anchored to the sand or grass with sandbags or other weights.
  • Perfect for young children: Kids love the beach, making it a fun place for the entire family. A beach tent is a much-needed shady spot for the little ones to relax or nap, and your kids will be able to find you easily when they come out of the water. Insect protection is important for kids, so consider a beach shelter with mesh windows and side walls.

Beach Shelters FAQs

What is the best beach tent?

Anaconda beach shelter tents and beach umbrella tents are chosen for their strong manufacture and quality materials that maximise sun, wind and sand protection. Various shapes and configurations are available for personalising your beach style and getting as much or as little sun as you like. The most popular beach tents are pop-up tents and cabana-style tents.

  • Pop-up beach tents: These easy-up beach tents are lightweight sunshades that can be set up in moments. The polyester or nylon fabric has slight stretchability for securing strongly with flexible fibreglass poles.
  • Canopy beach tents: Ideal for larger groups who require standing room, a canopy beach tent can be opened on multiple sides while still providing excellent shelter from the elements. With a canopy beach tent, you can have all the privacy you want. Alternatively, a canopy beach tent can become party central for you and your group.

What size beach tent should I buy?

The type and size of beach tent you buy should reflect your needs and purpose. Simple camping tents, for example, can be used at the beach and will afford full privacy, although they can become uncomfortable on hot days. Pop-up beach tents are a convenient alternative as they are easily set up by one person and allow the cooling breeze in.

Larger cabana-style beach shade tents with centre pole and steel frame are the sturdy option for housing several adults and children. They are more difficult to set up, so are not generally useful for one person alone. There is no right or wrong size when it comes to beach tents, you simply need to know how many people will be enjoying the comfort with you during your outing.

How to fold a beach tent?

This is the easy part and a primary reason for the popularity of beach tents. Special features include flexible fibreglass poles that spring into position when the tent is unpacked. Like a Jack-in-the-box, pop-up beach tents from Comocean and Life can be set up and packed away in moments without unwanted struggle. When the day at the beach is done, simply stow your beach tent in its carry bag, ready for your next adventure.

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