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Kick back & enjoy the campfire with our outdoor fire pits at Anaconda. Shop our portable camping fire pits for the perfect campfire without the mess.

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Discover The Wonderful Range Of Portable Fire Pits At Anaconda

Enjoy the warmth, ambience and convenience of a portable fire pit wherever you go. An outdoor fire pit is important for camping as it allows you to contain and control the fire, providing you and other campers with warmth, light and a focal point for socialising. Additionally, camping fire pits help minimise the impact on the environment by preventing the spread of fires and leaving the campsite undisturbed.

Featuring many well-known brands such as Spinifex, Dune 4WD and BioLite, we have a range of portable and folding fire pits that are perfect for all your camp heating needs. Our range of fire pits is available in various sizes, shapes and materials to suit different preferences and camping styles. From compact and lightweight models ideal for smaller groups to larger, sturdy designs that are perfect for family camping trips, our selection of fire pits caters to all your outdoor camping adventures. Shop our full range of outdoor fire pits at Anaconda online or in-store today.

Fire Pit FAQs

How to start a fire in a fire pit?

To start a fire in your fire pit the traditional way, you will need tinder, kindling and fuel. Once you have these, start by making a layer of tinder followed by a layer of kindling (try to aim for a teepee formation). Lastly, ignite with a fire source and you have yourself a fire in your fire pit!

What to use in a fire pit?

Luckily there are plenty of different fuels and materials you can use in a camping fire pit. You can use fuels such as hardwood, charcoal, bioethanol, gas and even aromatic woods such as fruitwood. It all depends on the type of outdoor fire pit you have and what you would like to burn.

What to do with ashes from a fire pit?

There are many different things you can do with the ash from your portable fire pit. For example, you can use the ash to boost the pH levels of your lawn's soil, use the ashes for cleaning, add it to your home compost, make your own soap and even use the ash to keep nasty bugs away.

Is a portable fire pit worth it?

Yes, a portable fire pit is definitely worth it. Fire pits are perfect for gathering around during a cold night and relaxing to the warmth and good vibes from the close flames. They are also easy to prepare and light, simple to use and easy to extinguish.

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