BioLite is changing the face of technology around the world with alternative energy products and initiatives. Australian campers and outdoor enthusiasts are the big winners, using portable BioLite solar panels to power-up the campsite, courtesy of Anaconda.

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What is BioLite?

BioLite is a company dedicated to creating safe and affordable alternative energy products for the benefit of everyone. BioLite has grown quickly during the past couple of decades, expanding the business to a wide range of durable and long-lasting equipment designed for cooking, charging and lighting. BioLite initiatives aim at large scale energy use that can be replicated on a personal scale, such as portable solar panels that can be quickly set up almost anywhere.

Why choose BioLite?

At Anaconda, we partner with brands who share a commitment to green manufacturing processes and environmental sustainability. BioLite has been a leader in creating high quality products with minimal carbon footprint using sustainable design and manufacturing processes. BioLite provides a positive energy alternative without compromising on quality, providing newcomers to alternative technology with an opportunity to enjoy a healthier and more satisfying outdoor experience.

What makes the BioLite Solar Panel 5+ special?

BioLite solar panels are lightweight and minimalist, yet provide impressive power supply for wide ranging functions. The BioLite Solar Panel 5+ will charge phones, tablets and camp lighting in real-time using its own monocrystalline power supply. It can also be paired with an external powerbank for additional energy storage that can be tapped into at any time. Off-grid energy has never been easier thanks to Solar Panel 5+ features that include:

  • Compact and lightweight monocrystalline panel
  • 5W per hour output
  • USB in, USB out
  • Built-in battery for power storage
  • Built-in sun dial for optimal panel positioning

This handy product weighs only 390 g and can be conveniently folded for safe storage when not in use.

What are the advantages of using a BioLite Solar Panel 5+?

Anaconda products are multifunctional and versatile and BioLite is a standout performer. The Solar Panel 5+ incorporates the best of modern technology alongside manufacturing excellence in lots of ways.

  1. Battery and charge strength indicator for measuring real-time panel capacity
  2. Battery status button to display the amount of stored battery power
  3. Kickstand for positioning the solar panel on angled or uneven terrain
  4. High-efficiency monocrystalline panel performance with superior charging capacity
  5. USB charging for phones, computers, cameras and other electronic devices
  6. Corner latches for attaching to a backpack so you can charge up while hiking

Why choose Anaconda for BioLite solar panels?

Anaconda has more available camping, hiking and outdoor products than any other Australian retailer. We also have an Australia-wide network of retail outlets where you can check out products in person and speak to a product expert. We partner with name brands to ensure the products you purchase are designed and built to handle tough Australian outdoor conditions.

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