Womens Swim & Surfwear

Discover the latest women's swim and surfwear designs at Anaconda. Feel confident and comfortable in and out of the water with our range of swim and surfwear apparel. We stock everything from swimsuits and swim shorts to rash vests and goggles. At Anaconda you will be able to always find the right outfit and accessories for you next trip to the beach or swimming pool. With stylish everyday basics and big brand names, you'll be able to get the swim and surfwear that suits your style and budget, as well as accessories such as swimming goggles and more. The range includes long sleeved swimsuits, shorts and wetsuits too, so check it out today!

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Can I purchase womens swim and surf wear at Anaconda?

Yes, browse our range today to find many different stylish and comfortable swim and surf wear items, from beautiful swimsuits right up to long-sleeved rash vests and pants to protect you from sun and surf. Whether you are planning a fitness session in the pool, a beach holiday or a water sports adventure, Anaconda has the right outfit to help you enjoy your activities in style.

What types of swimsuits are included in the range?

At Anaconda, we have a large collection of womens swimsuits including plain, patterned, high-leg, low leg and even long sleeved swimsuits, so you will be able to find the right style of swimsuit on our pages. Sizes range from 8 to 18.

When and why would I wear a rash vest?

Rash vests, also known as 'rashies', were originally invented in the Seventies to stop surfers chafing their skin on their surfboards, but these days they are worn by people for many different reasons, including to protect your skin from harsh UV rays, to keep warmer when spending time in the water, or just because you feel more comfortable with some more covering!

What else do you recommend from the swim and surf wear range?

Take a look at the various items that can be mixed and matched to create a great range of swimwear for different occasions, with shorts, pants, tops and swimsuits in matching patterns and colours. This way, you will have the right outfit for everything from sunning on your lounger to being active in the water.

Does Anaconda stock other swim and surf wear items too?

Yes, don't forget to have a look at our fantastic range of aqua and dive shoes, to protect your feet from sharp rocks and stones on the beach, and also including fins for snorkelling and diving activities. Also available are goggles, dive masks and snorkels, and of course Anaconda stocks a large range of sunglasses too.

Does Anaconda stock other clothes for women?

Yes, we have you covered no matter what the weather, with everything from swimwear right through to snow apparel, as well as a great collection of shorts, pants, tops, tees, shirts, jackets and other outerwear. In addition, you can find stylish accessories at Anaconda including hats, scarves, gloves and more, and our excellent collection of footwear offers something for everyone.



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