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Kids are active and adventurous and fleece is lightweight, fast drying and versatile, making it the perfect material for kids' clothing. Fleece is also relatively inexpensive and used for making a wide range of kids' clothing products. If you want to keep your kids warm and protected in breathable apparel designed for indoor/outdoor wearing, consider fleece. Kids' fleece hoodies and onesies are snug and warm, and fleece is also ideal as a mid-layer between insulated jacket materials.

Fleece stows conveniently in a small parcel, and can be transported effortlessly in a day bag or backpack. Fleece won't weigh you down while camping or on day trips, making it the ideal choice for taking weight off the load. Fleece also dries fast and won't slow your kids down like waterlogged wool or other heavy fibres can. All in all, kid's fleece jackets and other clothing are the right choice for most situations. Discover more about the range below and shop now!

Kids Fleece Clothing FAQs

What exactly is fleece?

The fleece used in kid's clothing is a synthetic insulating fabric that shouldn't be confused with sheep's fleece or other natural fibres. Synthetic fleece is incredibly light and soft, while also providing breathable moisture-wicking ability. Fleece blocks humidity and is fast drying, making fleece the ideal material for many kid's garments. Whether yours are active outdoor kids or indoor-style kids, Anaconda kid's fleece clothing ticks all the right boxes.

In addition, fleece is less scratchy than most wool and other fibres. If your kid's skin reacts poorly to wool, cotton and other materials, consider switching to fleece clothing. Fleece is often mixed with other fibres to create a softer, more versatile material, and the best kid's fleece clothing choices are all on show at Anaconda.

How is fleece different from wool?

Fleece is different, and although it has its advantages, it isn't always the optimal choice. When it comes to heavy-duty snow jackets and rain jackets, natural down, synthetic insulation and fully waterproof materials are preferable to fleece. At Anaconda, you have heaps of kid's clothing choices for fleece, wool, cotton and more. Your choices should involve personal preferences and practical considerations, so we offer a huge kid's clothing range. Here is a basic comparison of fleece and wool.


  • Softer than wool
  • Lighter than wool
  • Breathable
  • Doesn't insulate when wet
  • Can create static


  • Natural organic material
  • Breathable
  • Insulates when wet
  • Can get itchy and heavy

What are the most popular kid's fleece products?

Fleece is a fabric with uses from head to toe, with fleece tops, jackets and hoodies all extremely popular at Anaconda. Snow jackets with fleece lining are snug and comfy, while still allowing your child's skin to breathe for optimum temperature control. Fleece is useful for retaining body heat without sweating, and a fleece hoodie will repel sea-spray and light drizzle with ease.

Anaconda kids love fleece gloves, beanies, neckbands and base layers that provide an additional level of comfort. If you are taking your kids hiking, trekking, boating or fishing, make sure to bring along lightweight fleece clothing for adapting to changing conditions along the way. The Anaconda kid's fleece range is in demand with parents and carers everywhere, and all products are on offer with our famous Anaconda lowest available price guarantee.

Discover the Vast Range of Kids' Fleece and Outdoor Essentials at Anaconda

The Anaconda kid's clothing range is unbeatable. We partner with major brands such as Cape, Cederberg, The North Face and XTM to bring you the highest quality kid's products for the best possible price. We have hit the sweet spot for quality and price with the Anaconda kids' outdoor clothing and kids' outdoor footwear ranges, and we invite you to explore the best products for your family online or in-store. Anaconda aims to inspire, equip & enable Australians with the best value and broadest range of outdoor adventure and sporting products!



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