Kids' Floaties

Your kids will love making a splash with swimming floats from Anaconda. Help your kids get comfortable in the water with our range of pool floats, arm bands and float rings.

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Shop Kids Floaties Including Arm Bands, Floatation Rings, Swim Vests & Baby Pool Floats

At Anaconda, we're all about enjoying the summer months in the pool and this goes for kids too! Our range of swimming pool floaties was designed to help kids get comfortable in the water while providing flotation support. From swim vests that provide buoyancy and a full range of movement while they learn to swim, to floating seats and swim rings to help them relax and play in the water, you can be sure they'll have a great time with our range of swimming pool floats. We also have fantastic pool floaties for adults including lounger pool floats and floating seats.

Discover The Range Of Pool Floats For Summer Fun

Splash and play in the pool with fantastic pool floaties for kids. The range includes:

  • Inflatable armbands for kids
  • Round pool floats and rings for infants
  • Floating seats
  • Kids swim vests

Kids Floaties FAQs

How to inflate floaties?

Most smaller floaties, armbands and float toys can be inflated by blowing into the valve. Larger floaties and pool loungers require an air pump to inflate.

How to repair a puncture or hole in pool floats?

Some floats come with a handy repair kit so you can easily patch small holes and punctures. Follow the directions on the package.

How to ensure water safety when using floaties?

When utilising children's floatation devices such as inflatable arm bands, infant pool floats and floating seats ensure adult supervision is always present and that floatation devices are properly fitted. Always read the safety directions on the package.

What Other Beach And Summer Essentials Can I Find At Anaconda?

We've got everything you need for a great time in the water. Whether you're headed to the beach or a backyard pool, Anaconda's swimming essentials will help you have a fun time in the sunshine. Let's take a look at what's available:

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  • Pool Toys: Have hours of fun with amazing pool toys and games including dive toys and toss games.
  • Inflatable Pools and Kiddie Pools: Set up a pool in your own backyard with inflatable splash pools and full-size pools available in the range.

Find The Right Kids Floatation Devices at Anaconda

Anaconda's huge range of swimming pool flotation devices will help your kids get the most out of those first experiences in the water. From swim vests to help keep them afloat while they learn to swim, to float rings and seats to chill out and splash around, we've got everything you need for fun in the sun. If you'd like to see the range in person or to chat with a friendly team member, check out our store finder to find a store near you. Shop the entire water sports including amazing beach tents and sunshades and beach trolleys at Anaconda and make summer a blast! Visit the Adventure Centre for more tips and inspiration, you'll love our articles such as Where To Find The Best Beaches In Western Australia, Safety Tips For Pool Toys & Inflatables and Kids Summer Essentials.



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