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Anaconda's action cameras & trail cameras are the perfect match for wildlife photographers, hunters, 4X4 enthusiasts & budding documentary makers.

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Capture Every Moment With Action & Adventure Cameras At Anaconda

While a traditional camera setup is a great starting point for capturing your camping trips and outdoor adventures, today's technology has made it possible for just about anyone to take their photography and video to the next level. Anaconda's range of adventure and action cameras will have you ready to capture your adventure whether you're a wildlife photographer, hunter, 4X4 enthusiast or a budding documentary maker.

Our selection of dash cams, 4k action cameras and trail cameras from leading brands like Insta360 means that even a novice can make amazing adventure films. What's more, there are now many kinds of photo and video editing software available free or at a low cost that makes it easy to create breathtaking photos and videos that capture the most memorable moments of your adventures.

Discover A Wide Range Of Action Cameras With Anaconda

No matter what kind of adventure you're planning, you'll be able to capture all the action with our range of action cameras and trail cameras. Let's take a look at what's available.

  • Action cameras: Rugged, compact and designed to capture every essential moment, action cameras are perfect for when you're playing sports or adventuring. Able to be handheld or mounted on a bike, kayak, or helmet, an action camera is the perfect way to turn your active lifestyle into lasting memories.
  • Trail cameras: Also known as game cameras, are an essential piece of kit for wildlife photographers, documentary makers and hunters alike. Rugged and waterproof with a built-in motion sensor, trail cameras enable you to record the behaviour of wildlife in its natural environment without human interaction.
  • Camera accessories: Anaconda's selection of adventure and action cameras also includes a great range of essential accessories to capture every action-packed moment. Discover micro SD cards, selfie sticks, charging hubs, batteries, lens guards and even water resistant dive cases so you can take stunning pictures and films underwater!

Action & Adventure Cameras FAQs

What is the best action camera?

With so many action cameras available on the market it can be hard to choose the right one for you! When it comes to finding the best action camera, consider the types of adventures you're going on and whether or not the camera's features suit your needs. Other considerations include the action camera's size and portability, battery capacity, how easy it is to recharge in remote locations as well its compatibility with other devices (e.g. connectivity with Android vs iOS systems.

What are the benefits of an action camera?

You can find excellent features in Anaconda's selection of action cameras, including a range of frame rates and different photo and video modes like HDR, starlapse, timelapse, bullet time and loop recording. There are action cameras that allow you to capture 360-degree photos with exceptional detail, as well as those with flip touch screens so you can capture perfectly framed images. Action cameras are typically compact, lightweight, intuitive to use and offer excellent accuracy when it comes to handheld shooting - the ideal companion for recording all your outdoor adventures!

What trail camera should I buy?

Much like choosing the right action camera, finding the best trail camera comes down to what you want the camera to do for you! If you're a keen nighttime explorer or hunter, choose a trail camera that is designed with night vision capability. Consider other features like resolution, motion sensors and the type of mounting options. At Anaconda you can find trail cameras that offer exceptional photo and video resolution, with a whole host of features like programmable video length, temperature compensation and extended standby times.

Find The Best Trail Cameras & Action Cameras At Anaconda

Anaconda's range of action cameras, adventure cameras and action camera accessories will help you take your camping electronics setup to the next level. You can also find top of the range drones to capture stunning aerial shots, sports watches and portable & Bluetooth speakers to take music, podcasts and more on the road with you. To check out the range in person or chat to our friendly team members, head into your local Anaconda store! You can also shop the complete range of cameras online, where you can enjoy the convenient options of click & collect or home delivery for your order. Anaconda Adventure Club members also enjoy great benefits like advance sales notifications and exclusive discounts, so make sure you sign up for free today!



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