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SureCatch has been an award-winning fishing brand for more than 80 years, and the tradition continues at Anaconda. Explore our high-quality SureCatch range of fishing accessories and terminal tackle, and get ready to reel in your target fish species. Shop the entire fishing range online or in-store today at Anaconda!


From humble beginnings, SureCatch has grown tremendously during the past 80 years. By the 1950s, Siow Chiang had started selling fishing tackle at 254 Beach Rd, Singapore, and by the 1960s had introduced fishing lines. Expansion to Malaysia soon followed and in 1977 the SureCatch Fishing Tackle Company was set up. In 1997, SureCatch entered into an Australian partnership, and the products have been in demand locally and internationally ever since.

Today, SureCatch is a well-known brand with global reach, still headquartered in Singapore, and continues to provide a choice selection of fishing tackle products and accessories. SureCatch is dedicated to providing a best-in-class experience for all anglers using SureCatch gear, with the brand continuing to win awards and accolades annually.


The collection of SureCatch products available at Anaconda has been chosen specifically for the Australian market. We have almost limitless fishing options in Australia and fishing gear needs to be tough and versatile. SureCatch is well represented at Anaconda, with close to 90 innovative and progressive angling products designed to improve your experience.

Every fisherman's tackle box is personalised to suit their style, and that's where SureCatch comes into the picture. Choices abound for every type of angler, whether you enjoy casting by the ocean, hanging out by a river, or taking a boat ride to your favourite fishing spot. Strong and versatile tools are an essential component of successful fishing, making SureCatch solutions the right choice.

Depending on your needs, you can acquire crimping pliers, bent nose pliers, straight nose pliers, split ring pliers or multi-purpose pliers, all designed and manufactured specifically for anglers. The SureCatch Big Game Multi-Purpose Pliers are a great all-around investment for your first pair as it includes a line cutter, small crimper, bent nose design and hook eye opener all-in-one.

If you already have an established fishing style and want to capitalise, consider a SureCatch Tackle Pack designed for your favourite type of fish. Ready To Fish sets include the Trout Tackle Pack and Snapper Tackle Pack. SureCatch also supplies complete rig tackle sets for Snapper, Salmon, Whiting, Flathead and more. With gear tailor-made for Australian fishing conditions, you are sure to return home with bigger hauls.


Apart from fishing hooks and fishing lures, float options are another big angling topic. SureCatch has all angles covered at Anaconda. SureCatch Floats include multi-purpose floats, unweighted floats, quill floats, burley floats and other products designed to put you in control of the fish. If you require more information about Anaconda fishing products, including great SureCatch gear, contact your nearest Anaconda expert. We are Australia's favourite camping and outdoor retailer with a reputation for quality and service, and our entire team is dedicated to helping you get the most out of your outdoor pursuit.

Every angler has their rig stylised to suit their specific needs. This includes a favourite fishing line that is easy to handle and resists breaking. SureCatch fishing line is up there with the best of them, and is the choice of professional and amateur anglers. Options include black-nylon coated and clear-nylon coated lines for giving you an advantage in various water conditions. The SureCatch Premium Monofilament Line is an enduring favourite from Japan, a country famous for world-leading angling gear.


Fishing options abound at Anaconda. We believe in giving customers real choices from name brands, all available under the one roof for the lowest available price. We establish partnerships with major manufacturers and pass the savings on to you. Check out the full range of Anaconda fishing, camping and outdoor gear online or in-store, and get your next fishing adventure started.

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Shop our entire SureCatch fishing range including SureCatch lures, SureCatch floats, SureCatch reels and more online or visit us in-store today.



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