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What is a kayak?

A kayak is a type of watercraft that is narrow, small and usually propelled using kayak paddles. Traditionally, single kayaks contain one cockpit, whereas modern versions such as double kayaks include two cockpits. Slightly different from a canoe, a kayak features a spray deck, which allows the paddler to effectively roll the kayak without ejecting the rider or filling up with water. Kayaks are used for a wide variety of activities such as fishing, exercise, exploring lakes and rivers, or relaxing while gliding across calm waters.

How to paddle a kayak?

If you're new to kayaking, then strap on your life jacket and follow these helpful tips on how to paddle a kayak:

  • Grab the paddle in the middle with both hands. Space out your hands and make sure that your knuckles are pointed upwards and that the paddle blades are perpendicular to the water's surface.
  • To perform a forward stroke, twist your torso to the left or right while dipping one side of the paddle below the surface of the water. If you're turning left, dip the left side and vice versa.
  • Pull back the submerged side of the paddle towards your side. Then raise it out of the water and repeat the same action on the other side.
  • Once you're comfortable, start alternating between sides so that you propel your kayak forward.
  • To reverse paddle, repeat the above steps, but instead push the paddle away from you while submerged and keep your arms straight.

What is the difference between a kayak and a canoe?

Even though small, there is an important difference between kayaks and canoes. In a canoe, the rider is kneeling and propels forward using a single-bladed paddle. When riding a kayak, the paddle can sit comfortably and uses a double-bladed paddle to propel forward. Kayaks are also designed to be slightly larger and have small compartments for storage.

What are the different types of kayaks available at Anaconda?

  • Recreational kayaks: designed to be stable and easy to steer, recreational kayaks have a wide hull for added stability and usually have a storage hatch to stash your essentials. Great for beginners or paddlers that are looking for an easy-to-use allrounder, they are best used on lakes, rivers or calm areas of saltwater.
  • Kid's kayaks: kids' kayaks are basically smaller versions of recreational kayaks. They're stable, responsive and perfect for splashing about on calm bodies of water like lakes and bays. Kids' kayaks are an affordable way to give your little ones a great time on the water.
  • Sit on top kayaks: there's no getting around it - if you're paddling in a sit-on-top kayak, it's more than likely you're going to get wet! But the open design also means it's a lot easier to get on and off the kayak, even when you're in the water.
  • Touring kayaks: touring kayaks are long and narrow and with plenty of internal storage to accommodate all the necessary gear for longer adventures. Touring kayaks also usually feature a rudder or skeg (fixed rudder) to enable you to stay on course in rougher conditions.
  • Fishing kayaks: fishing kayaks are wider than many other kayaks for added stability in the water. They're fitted out with fishing accessories like rod holders and mounts for devices like fish finders and have plenty of internal storage space for your catch, fishing tackle and accessories. Fishing kayaks are usually sit-on-top, giving you more freedom to move while fishing.

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