Protect your clothes and valuables while out camping with these camping cupboard from Anaconda. Buy your camping cupboard at cheapest prices from Anaconda.

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Can I purchase cupboards at Anaconda?

Yes, you can! While cupboards may not be the first things that come to mind when planning your camping trip, you will be amazed at how very efficient and useful these special camping cupboards, stocked here at Anaconda, are for your camping trip. Lightweight and foldable, they take up very little room during transport, but provide you with plenty of functionality once you have pitched your tent.

What types of cupboard can I purchase here?

Anaconda stocks a range of camp cupboards from market leaders such as Spinifex and Dune. In general, the cupboards are made from lightweight PVC with sturdy metal poles, allowing you to put up your cupboards quickly and easily once you have arrived at the camp site, and dismantling them just as easily at the end of the trip, for storage and transport.

What can the cupboards be used for?

Your camping cupboards can store anything from clothes to toiletries, and camp equipment to food. Because of their handy mesh fronts, you will be able to see what is stored inside, as well as keeping insects and animals away from your food and possessions. Choose from a range of different sizes to suit your tent size and your storage needs. Some cupboards have handy side pockets too, ideal for smaller items or things that need to be within easy reach. Their shelves are sturdy enough to take a decent amount of weight so you can store your camp gear and utensils in them too.

What about the table in this range?

The Bistro table from Anaconda is a very versatile piece of kit. As well providing you with a sturdy table surface, this piece of furniture also offers you plenty of storage underneath, for anything from pots and pans to beer and wine, and a number of hooks at the top and the sides allow you to hang utensils, flashlights, and other campsite essentials on it. And if you need to get your table out of the way, it collapses into a compact unit by simply folding the legs.

Can I find other storage solutions at Anaconda too?

Anaconda stocks a great number of storage solutions specifically for camping and hiking trips. Sturdy storage crates, collapsible storage bins, a range of travel bags and even collapsible buckets, whatever your storage needs while out camping or hiking, Anaconda will have a lightweight, space saving solution that is invaluable when you are restricted where space or weight are concerned. Check out the range of camp cupboards and other storage solutions today.



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