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Anaconda's portable camping washing machines have powerful wash capacities, ensuring you stay clean and comfortable in the outback. Shop online or in-store.

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Can I buy portable washing machines at Anaconda?

Yes, you can. At Anaconda, we have a wide range of high quality portable washers from name brands. Personalised options include twin tub, top load and front loader models for motorhome convenience. Innovative Anaconda products include the Companion Ezywash hand washing machine and the hands-free Companion twin tub washing machine with 2kg wash capacity. This high quality camping washing machine is the smart alternative to time wasted at the laundromat and can be coupled with a DC to AC inverter for top load portable washing machine convenience wherever you are. 

Your portable washing machine from Anaconda can be connected to a water heater and include a powerful spin cycle. Camping trips and motorhome adventures have evolved, and your outback adventure conveniences can include mini portable washers, stainless steel appliances, air conditioners, shower tents and even an ensuite. 

How does a portable washing machine work?

A portable washing machine works very similarly to a regular one. Attach the pipe to a regular faucet tap, like the one in your kitchen, and place the open end into the kitchen sink to allow the water to drain. You can also add clean water to the machine and empty the water elsewhere, but please make sure that this is done in an appropriate area where it is safe to put a few gallons of water. For an electric machine, it is powered using a 240V operation or with a DC to AC power adaptor. Whereas, the manual is powered by yourself, enabling you to get a fantastic workout while completing the daily chores.

How much can I fit in a portable washing machine from Anaconda?

Tub capacity is dependent upon which machine you choose, at Anaconda, all of our range currently offers a tub capacity of at least 2kg.

What are the benefits of using a portable washing machine from Anaconda?

A portable washing machine is around a third of the size of a regular machine, and it can be used anywhere where there is a regular faucet tap available and a levelled surface for it to be placed on. They are particularly useful for camping and outdoor living, as you will be able to wash your clothes anywhere and at any time. Portable washing machines are also fantastic for people who are living in an apartment block with shared laundry facilities or for those who are living off the grid and self-sufficient. Our portable washing machines at Anaconda use much less water and detergent than a regular machine, so not only are they good for your pocket, they are also more environmentally sustainable. Water levels can also be adjusted depending on how much washing you need to do.

Can I do different washes in the portable washing machines from Anaconda?

Yes, we have two choices of portable washing machines available. Our manual machine is particularly useful if you are doing lots of delicate or gentle washes. Whereas, our electric washing machine has two different cycles depending on the clothes you are washing. Check the care labels on your clothing items to decipher which wash to use.

How should I clean my portable washing machine from Anaconda?

All washing machines can harbour bacteria and germs, and at Anaconda, we recommend cleaning your portable washing machine approximately once a month. Fill the machine with water and add a cup of cleaning solution. Put your portable washing machine on wash cycle, and then ensure that the machine is rinsed correctly before washing any clothes.

How big are the portable washing machines from Anaconda?

Our portable washing machines have the following dimensions:

  • Manual: 325 x 325 x 320mm
  • Electric: 65 H x 56 W x 36 D cm


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