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Take the hard work out of fishing with our complete range of fishing rigs available at Anaconda. Perfect for beginners or people who don't have the time to make their own rigs, our range of rigs will attract most species of fish and fishing environments. Our range includes rigs for river, lake, salt water and deep sea fishing, at guaranteed lowest prices. At one or many rigs to your collections of fishing tackle so you can be prepared for every fishing expedition

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Can I purchase pre-made rigs at Anaconda?

Of course. At Anaconda, we offer a wide selection of premade rigs for all types of angling and all at our guaranteed low prices. All of our premade rigs are of excellent quality and have been tried and tested by our team. Though we still haven't quite mastered the technology to guarantee a catch, these rigs will go some way to increasing your chances.

What is a fishing rig?

Choosing the right rig is a critical part of preparing your line, and it can be the difference between a hit and a miss. A fishing rig contains a number of different components, including swivels, lines weights, hooks and bait. Used for generations, they are seen as an essential component of any angler's kit.

What type of pre-made rigs should I buy?

That depends on which fish you are trying to hook! Browse through our rigs above, or pop into one of our nationwide stores, where our team of experts will be happy to help. All of our rigs are labelled as to whether they are for freshwater, sea or deep sea fishing. Most of our premade rigs have been designed to attract specific fish, as you can see on the packaging, but of course, you may catch other types. There are many variables to choosing the perfect rig, for example, when fishing in calmer waters, a flexible yet durable line is considered to be most appropriate. Whereas, in rougher seas and harsher weather conditions, a robust, more resilient, line is preferred. At Anaconda, our choice of rigs also includes equipment suitable for float fishing, in which the rig floats on the surface of the water. This allows you to target fish such as mackerel, Pollock and Garside live in mid-water.

How should I care for my premade rigs?

When you have finished fishing, rinse your rig to remove any residue or particles that may have been deposited on it from the water. Inspect the rig carefully for any damage or tangles and ensure that the swivel is still rotating freely.

How should I store my premade rigs?

Making sure rigs stay tangle free can be a challenge for even the most proficient of anglers. At Anaconda, we also have lure wallets in stock here, which will ensure that your rigs stay neatly tidied away and ready for use the next time you fish. You can also retain the packaging and wind your rig around the cardboard after each use to prevent knots.

What does 'chemically sharpened hook' mean?

At Anaconda, some of our rigs have chemically sharpened hooks. This means that the hook has undergone a chemical procedure that sharpens the hook further. So, not only do you have an increased opportunity to hook a fish, the fish is more likely to stay on the line- giving you a better shot at catching a big one!

Can I make my rigs?

Of course, you can. Some anglers prefer to make their own rigs, whereas, some prefer premade and these can be particularly suited to beginners. At Anaconda, we have a vast range of fishing equipment available, and you can purchase all of the necessary components both online and instore.



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