Family Tents

If you have a large family, you will need a bigger tent that can fit the entire family on your next trip! Shop our range of family tents online or in store.

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Can I purchase Family Tents at Anaconda?

Yes, you can! If you are planning a camping trip with the whole family, do not struggle with a tent that is too small to accommodate everyone - you will end up not enjoying your trip if you keep falling over each other. Luckily, most modern family tents are roomy and provide good height as well, allowing you to stand up straight inside the tent. Make sure your stretchers, airbeds or other chosen sleeping arrangements fit in comfortably with enough space to walk around other sleepers if needed.

Which size family tent is right for me?

That depends on the size of your family. If the kids are small, you can count two children as needing the same space as one adult, but once they get to being teenagers, you will need to allow adult space. As a rule, most tents including family tents are sold as being suitable for a number of people, but that usually means that that number of people could sleep in the tent, not allowing any other room for tables and chairs, clothes, food or other gear that you may wish to store inside the tent at night, so it pays to check the floor space carefully and make sure you allow enough room to live together, in particular for longer trips and holidays.

Some people like to buy tents with swags or awnings, to create space to sit outside the family tent to eat while still enjoying protection from the sun or the rain. Some models of family tents also come with options of add-on pieces such as a sunroom, which will be more enclosed and offer more privacy than just having an awning, but be careful - it may increase your pitch size!

It pays to think ahead too - a family tent can be quite an investment and if your family is still growing, you may need to calculate if you will all still fit inside in a couple of years' time. Some families may prefer to add an extra smaller tent, or some single swags for older children, which gives everyone some additional space and adds to the sense of adventure for the kids too.

What else should I consider when buying a family tent?

Some family tents are divided into several compartments, which can be a bonus if you have older children or teens with you on the trip, and even when you have very small ones who need to go to bed earlier than the rest of the family.

Make sure when purchasing a family tent that it is not too big to be set up by just one or two people, as you may struggle at the campsite if you do not have many helping hands! Also look at the weight and size of your tent when in transit - does it fit in the car or do you have to get a roof rack? And can you carry it from the car to the site if there is no direct vehicle access?

Check if your family tent offers sufficient ventilation. When more people share a small space, especially in hot weather, circulating air is a must. Most family tents will have mesh walls, or windows and doors to allow enough fresh air to be comfortable.

What about storage?

As all families know, travelling with kids means you have lots of stuff to bring with you, so make sure your family tent has sufficient storage for all your needs. Some family tents have gear lofts, which means you can store things out of kids reach and not use up valuable floor space. Alternatively, Anaconda stocks a range of camping cupboards which are easy to erect and fold flat when not in use, as well as a number of other storage solutions.

Make sure you allow space for fridges and cookers if you are planning to take care of your own meals for the family, or consider the option of a separate pop-up tent for shower or WC facilities next to your main family tent. All these products are available and in stock at Anaconda throughout the year.



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