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Ensure you have the perfect vision while driving at night with our driving lights at Anaconda. Shop driving lights & light bars for your next night excursion!

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Discover The Best Range Of 4WD Lighting Including Driving Lights & Light Bars At Anaconda

When it comes to seeing clearly when driving at night or through situations with low visibility such as heavy fog, our fantastic range of 4WD lighting at Anaconda will tick all of the boxes. Our range of 4WD lighting and 4x4 lighting accessories will increase your range of visibility, reduce driver fatigue and allow you to react quicker to dangerous situations when driving.

Our massive range of 4x4 lighting has everything you need, such as LED lighting kits, spotlights, LED driving lights, flexible LED strip lights, big rig light bars, smart light harnesses, and much more! Featuring some of the most iconic names in the industry such as Dune, and with features including various colours, brightness and beams to suit all different driving situations, you will find only the very best range of 4WD lighting at Anaconda.

4WD Lighting FAQs

What is strip lighting on 4WD?

4WD strip lighting is a series of LED lights that are arranged in a line on a silicon strip and can be stuck onto a whole range of different surfaces for additional lighting in your 4WD or vehicle. LED strips will typically come in a 5-metre strip that is waterproof, flexible and can be cut into various lengths to suit your exact needs.

Are spotlights or light bars better?

The answer to this question will completely depend on what your needs are. The main differences are that light bars will light up more of the area in front of you but will have limited range - whereas spotlights will have more focus beam and will shine further down the road.

What is driving light pattern?

A driving light pattern (also known as a driving beam pattern) is basically the light that is seen when the driving lights are turned on. There are four main types of driving light patterns which are Fog, Flood Beam, Spot and Driving patterns. Each pattern is designed for a specific function depending on the conditions you are driving in.

Why use amber driving lights?

The main reason for using amber-coloured driving lights is because amber and yellow colours provide better visibility when driving in bad weather at night. Yellow and amber frequencies are also much better at penetrating through water instead of reflecting the light off of it, providing better visibility in heavy fog and rain.

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