Line Spooling Services

There is nothing more important in fishing than the line you are using. Whether it's monofilament or braid, you need to ensure you have your reels spooled up and ready to go. That's where we come in. Drop in and see the team at one of our dedicated line spooling stores and get yourself ready to hit the water!

At Anaconda, we'll fill your reel with the best braid line or mono line from the best brands and even help you tie on some leader. Good quality line and having your reel properly spooled, can be the difference between catching or losing that fish of a lifetime.

With Anaconda, line spooling is fast, convenient, and as simple as choosing your line and letting our helpful store teams put it on your reel. While you wait, have a chat about what's biting, or have a browse of some of the awesome fishing gear in store. How line spooling works:

  1. Bring your reel to an Anaconda store with line spooling services
  2. Choose your fishing line from the range
  3. Approach our Anaconda fishing experts who will put in on your reel
  4. Choose any leader you might require and our team can also assist you to tie it on
  5. Ask any other questions and elevate your fishing game with advice from our professional team!
  6. Pay for your line and anything else you require.

To find your nearest store and line spooling services, use the convenient store locator tool online, and look for the Line Spooling icon under the Services section.


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