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Transport your bike or several bikes with a safe and secure boot carrier from Anaconda Australia. Discover our care bike rack range online or in store today.

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Can I purchase boot carriers at Anaconda?

Yes, if you need to transport one or more bikes, for instance to a race or rally, or when going on holiday, we stock everything you need to be able to fix the bikes safely and conveniently to the back of your vehicle. Different types of boot carrier are suitable for different vehicles, and some can even be fitted on to a spare wheel on the back of your 4WD so you will have plenty of choices.

What are the benefits of using a boot carrier?

Of course, many vehicles are large enough to transport bikes inside, for instance by folding down the rear seats. But by using a boot carrier, you will free up room inside your vehicle allowing you to take passengers or equipment along. Boot carriers are more easily accessible than roof racks too, which means less time involved in loading and unloading the bikes.

How many bikes can I transport using a boot carrier?

With the different models of boot carrier available at Anaconda, you have a choice of transporting anything from one to four bikes with one boot carrier. Different models allow for fixing the boot carrier to the boot of the car, the tow bar or even the spare wheel, and various adapters are available to make sure the boot carrier is suitable for all types of vehicle and all types of bike. Check individual product descriptions or ask our knowledgeable sales staff for more detailed information if required.

Are my bikes secure on the boot carrier?

Yes, boot carriers are designed to ensure that bikes don't rub together during transport, and most come with a lockable fixing to ensure that the rack stays mounted on the car, as well as with a cable to secure your bikes to the rack, which is ideal if you have to leave your bikes unattended at any point. If your chosen bike rack does not include a locking device for the bikes, you will find these available separately at Anaconda.

Is the boot carrier a permanent construction once fitted onto my vehicle?

No, if you only want to use you boot carrier occasionally, it can be quickly and easily removed between trips. Some models of boot carrier can even be folded out of the way when not in use. Folding arms on many boot carriers mean that the boot carrier can be stored easily and can even be transported inside your vehicle between uses so that it is always to hand in an emergency.

Can all types of bikes be transported with a boot carrier?

Nearly all types of bikes for men, women and kids can be transported with a boot carrier on your vehicle, but the exceptions are some models of vintage bike, and large bikes such as tandems. Check individual images and descriptions for more information.



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