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Complete Your Tackle Box With Sinkers & Moulds At Anaconda

Sinker moulds are incredibly important features of tackle boxes owned by serious anglers all around Australia. Sinkers are essential components of terminal tackle, and your fishing rig won't perform properly without the appropriate sinker, hook and bait. Getting set up to fish isn't complex, but there are countless ways to configure hooks, sinkers, swivels, lures and other fishing line components.

Whether you are a newcomer to fishing tackle at Anaconda, or a veteran angler who knows their way around Australia, premium fishing rods, fishing reels, fishing line and other fishing gear from manufacturers such as Surecatch, Plano, Berkley, Alvey and Jarvis Walker will help you reel in the catch of the day. The Anaconda collection of fishing rods, fishing lines, and other fishing gear is unbeatable, including the best sinker moulds and terminal tackle on the market. Shop sinkers & moulds online and in-store today with Anaconda.

Get The Essential Know-How On The Different Types Of Sinkers & Moulds

  • Pyramid sinkers: This type of sinker gets to the bottom quickly and digs into sand or mud.
  • Ball sinkers: These sinkers are popular for running sinker rigs, where the main line is threaded through the sinker and left unattached, so it can move more freely.
  • Bean sinkers: Bean sinkers are often preferred over ball sinkers because of their good casting shape that offers better bottom-holding characteristics than the ball sinker, due to the bean's flat sides.
  • Egg sinkers: Egg sinkers and diamond sinkers move over rocks and rubble a little easier than other shapes.
  • Split shot sinkers: Split shot sinkers are very useful when fishing light in streams or estuaries and are quick to get on and off and work well when you need a little extra weight.

Fishing Sinkers & Moulds FAQs

What are sinker moulds?

Sinker moulds are instantly recognisable due to their weight. Sinkers are traditionally made out of lead, with a diverse selection available at Anaconda. The range of sinkers includes split shot sinker, pyramid sinker, bomb sinker and Snapper sinker. Sinker mould options include ball sinker mould, Snapper sinker mould and more for all types of fluorocarbon and monofilament fishing lines.

How do I choose a fishing sinker?

The fish or other seafood you are chasing will dictate the sinker moulds you use. When it comes to choosing the best sinkers for your fishing adventure you should keep in mind that every Australian angler has an individual style, and every fishing location in Australia is different. You will need to personalise your fishing gear to suit the location and conditions, including using the appropriate fishing sinker moulds.

When correctly balanced, your fishing line, sinker, hook and bait should work as one unit to fool an unsuspecting fish that there is a tasty morsel floundering in the water. Many sinkers and moulds will indicate if they're best suited to a particular fish species as well, so keep your target species in mind when choosing your sinker mould.

How heavy should my sinker be?

The best rule of thumb to follow is to choose the lightest sinker that will still get your bait and hook down to where the fish are. You may need to adjust the weight of the sinker in different current and sea conditions. Choosing the perfectly shaped and weighted sinker is an art form, so be prepared to go through a bit of trial and error before finding the best option on your fishing adventures.

Shop Sinkers & Moulds For Every Fishing Style At Anaconda

Complete your fishing gear set up with essential fishing sinkers and moulds from Anaconda. As leading fishing, outdoor and adventure specialists, we pride ourselves on supplying the best in fishing terminal tackle from leading brands such as Surecatch, Plano, Berkley, Alvey and Jarvis Walker. Shop the complete fishing range with Anaconda where you can find fishing rods, fishing reels, fishing lines, fishing lures, terminal tackle and so much more. Make your purchases online where you can choose from home delivery or click & collect your order from your local Anaconda store. Be sure to check out our Fishing Adventure Centre articles for great tips, tricks and know-how to inspire your next fishing expedition.



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