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Fishing Rod Accessories

Fishing Rod Accessories

If you are looking for fishing rod stands, holders or racks, check out the great range of fishing rod accessories here at Anaconda.

You will find a number of solutions here to make your life easier when out fishing, during transit, or to help you store your rods when not in use, including rod holders to mount on boats as well as for different types of ground conditions.

The range also includes clip on glow sticks for night-time fishing, as well as rod tip repair kits.

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Can I purchase fishing rod accessories at Anaconda?

Yes, you can. This range includes handy rod holders for use during fishing trips as well as for when your rods are not in use, and a number of add-ons such as clip-on glow sticks and rod repair kits. Often an overlooked piece of fishing gear, fishing rod holders can improve your catch success rate while giving you a chance to multi-task and better enjoy your outdoor surroundings.

What types of rod holders are included in the range?

You will find a number of different rod holders here at Anaconda, for different situations and conditions. Always check that your chosen rod holder is compatible with the size and style of fishing rod that you use.

Boat rod holders

This type of fishing rod holder is available in a variety of designs and mounting styles that can be adjusted to different positions. A fishing rod holder is an essential piece of fishing equipment for many reasons. Fishing rod holders can free you up to deal with other tasks such as steering the boat and monitoring electronics, and will free up your hands to eat and drink while your line is in the water.

Beach or bank rod holders

Fishing rod holders serve a variety of purposes including allowing you to cast your lure, plant your rod and relax. The best fishing rod holder for surf-casting is the sand holder, a long tube with a point or spike on one end. The sand spike is designed to be driven into the sand to securely support the rod while you relax. A double-prong holder is also included in the collection.


When you're not out fishing, it's important to keep your fishing supplies, including valuable rods, organised and protected. A great way to do this is by storing your fishing rods in a rack that is built specifically for the job. Choose from vertical and horizontal options depending on your chosen location.

What else is included in the range?

If you are a fan of night-time fishing, treat yourself to some clip-on glow sticks. Simple and easy to use, many fishermen believe that the light attracts more fish, and it will also allow you to spot a bite more easily.

Lastly, check out the rod tip repair items for sale at Anaconda. Ideal for making instant repairs even while you are out fishing, you shouldn’t leave home without some of these essential accessories in your tackle box.

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