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What 4WD products are available?

We all love getting off-grid, but it's important to have the right gear for both a good time and a safe time. With top brands like Dune, Maxtrax, TRED, Hema and Garmin, Anaconda has 4WD accessories to get you geared-up and ready to take on any trail.

Loading and towing

  • Restraints keep your gear where it needs to be. And if you've ever seen someone lose their load on the highway, you'll know the importance of using adequate restraints like tie downs and ratchet straps to secure your load.
  • Roof racks will help you load up for your next adventure. Whether it's a kayak, mountain bike, or just a whole lot of camping gear, roof racks give you the extra room to bring everything you want and need along for the ride.
  • Towing a caravan, camper trailer or tinnie is easy enough once you're used to it, but if you don't have the right towing gear, you'll be going nowhere in a hurry.

Navigation and recovery

  • Recovery gear is a must have for anyone even half serious about getting off road. Our range of recovery gear includes Maxtrax, TRED and Dune.
  • Communication & Navigation equipment is essential for getting off grid. Our range of gear from top brands like Hema and Garmin will ensure you'll know which direction you're heading in at all times.


  • Our auto accessories & electrical range covers everything from jumper cables to caravan stabilisers and trailer lamp kits.
  • Steps are lightweight, fold away to a compact size, and are a solid addition to any camp site set up.
  • Compressors are an essential 4WD accessory. If you plan on driving on soft surfaces, get yourself a compressor, unless you want to wait until you come across a service station to reinflate your tires!
  • Fuel Containers (jerry cans) are durable, reliable and enable you to explore further afield than one tank of petrol will take you.

What can you use these products for?

Off roading is one pastime where it's absolutely essential to have the right equipment. Communication and navigation gear like UHF radios and GPS devices will ensure you can stay in touch with others and keep track of your location, even when you're off road. Recovery gear, like recovery boards and snatch straps will help get you out of a bind if you get bogged, while ratchet straps and other load restraints will make sure your load stays put when you hit the rough stuff. Bear in mind though, you do need to know how to use your gear effectively and safely - so make sure you do your homework before you head bush.

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If you're not sure what 4WD equipment you need, check out our in-depth guide to 4WD Essentials for Beginners.

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