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Australians love travelling, and for some adventurous types it’s a matter of exploring where other people can’t go. Camping and hiking treks are even better when you have 4WD access to secret swimming holes and special places, and with plenty of room for luggage, there’s no reason not to be comfortable.

However, the further you travel from civilization, the more essential your supplies become, and forgetting an important item can ruin a 4WD vacation. Remember to carry a checklist and make sure you have all your 4WD travel supplies onboard before you leave home on a camping/hiking/driving excursion.

What are the best 4WD accessories to have?

This will depend on the nature and duration of your journey but there are some items that all 4WD vehicles carry, including:

  • Storage boxes
  • Jerry Can
  • Recovery boards (for getting un-bogged)
  • Large water canister
  • Maps/GPS navigator
  • 4WD Recovery kit including straps, shackles and gloves

There is no doubt that technology has aided 4WD enthusiasts with helpful accessories, including satellite navigation systems that are superseding old faithful UHF radio for intervehicle and inter-homestead communication. It’s also true that 4WD adventuring comes with risks that should be mitigated by someone with 4WD driving experience, mechanical ability and practical skills.

If you are going off-road driving, camping, or simply exploring the countryside for a few days, there are plenty of ‘essentials’ worth considering that will make your journey more comfortable.

Storage and transport of 4WD accessories

Being ill-prepared for a camping or travel adventure is a recipe for disaster. If you are a 4WD novice, you will need a lot of accessories and equipment, and here are some considerations.

A fitted out 4WD: The range of 4WD vehicles is astounding, allowing campers and glampers to get in on the action. Your 4WD may be permanently fitted out with equipment that includes:

  • Kitchen pots, pans, crockery, cutlery and utensils
  • Mattresses, sleeping bags, pillows, linen, towels
  • A basic (good-quality) toolkit
  • Fold-out chairs and table
  • Storage boxes
  • A first aid kit
  • Emergency Position Indication Radio Beacon (EPIRB)

4WD adventures: Newcomers to off-road driving are strongly advised to learn 4WD techniques from an experienced instructor. Safety is the number one consideration, and by appreciating the limitations of your off-road vehicle (and your own limitations) you will have a safe and adventurous outback adventure. Your campsite can be as spartan or luxurious as you like with 4WD access, but don’t forget additional equipment and accessories that will make the journey more comfortable and enjoyable.

  • Insect-proof and rain-proof tent with a little extra space
  • 12v compressor in case you need to adjust tyre pressure for difficult terrain
  • Puncture repair kit for temporarily fixing the tyre without needing to change it
  • Cooler ice storage for several days of chilled foods and beverages
  • Around 30 metres of strong nylon or rope line, with many purposes

Personal 4WD comfort: You will need a proactive approach to counteract Australia’s climate and critters. While off-road driving can be an air-conditioned breeze, you will have to step outside the vehicle sometime, and the personal items you carry will assist with a lot of tasks. Here are some proactive aids to help you set up camp and beat the heat without fuss.

  • A Swiss Army style multi-tool or pocket knife
  • A hand torch and a head torch for easy illumination
  • Bandages for addressing sprains, fractures, snake bite and more
  • Water canister for topping up from local springs
  • Insect repellent, sunscreen and a ventilated hat
  • Tarp and groundcover blankets

4WD focus is on fun and adventure, but safety should always be prioritised. It’s important to have a complete first aid kit onboard, and you should also seriously consider becoming a qualified first aider. It’s comforting to have reactive first aid trained persons along for the ride in case of accidents or emergencies. You can become a nationally accredited first aid officer in only a day or two of dedicated training, making first aid qualifications great value and incredibly useful.

Clothing/Food/Cleaning: If you are new to 4WD, camping and outdoor adventures, you will soon discover you need more cleaning materials, less clothing and better meal selections. Untidy camp sites and 4WD interiors aren’t appealing, but cleaning as you go is possible with the right gear and clothing on your side.

  • Breathable clothing and comfortable shoes
  • Fast-drying wet weather gear
  • Gaiters/leggings for protection of lower legs and ankles

The most important consideration for foodstuffs is storage. Simple solutions include:

  • Use snap-seal bags and containers for handy portioning of food
  • Learn how to cook healthy one-pot meals
  • Keep dried foods in reserve, such as rice, dal, split peas and canned ingredients

Cleaning up doesn’t necessarily become more fun on a 4WD vacation, but there are some accessories that will make the chore easier.

  • A large foldable/flexible tub that can be filled with soapy water
  • Plenty of scrubbers, steel wool and sponges
  • Extra tea towels and cloths

Your 4WD doesn’t necessarily need to be an entire home away from home. You may simply enjoy the pleasure of an afternoon exploring nearby trails and tracks. Whatever your 4WD motivation, Anaconda has the accessories and equipment to keep your big wheels turning.

Where to buy cheap 4WD accessories?

4WD products, equipment and accessories are all available at the outdoors and adventure specialists, Anaconda. We hone-in on the best deals from highly regarded 4WD brands and offer superior service to ensure customer satisfaction. Every product available at Anaconda has been hand picked for quality materials and manufacturing excellence, including accessories to pimp out your ride.

  • Prorack Roof Racks: adaptable, lockable, customizable and a load capacity of 75kg
  • Dune 4WD Desert Sand 150L Storage Box for secure and sturdy protection
  • Dune 4WD 20L Metal Jerry Can with optional metal Jerry Can holder
  • Explore Tandem Caravan Levelling Ramp for comfortable long-term camping
  • GME27MHz 1800mm Detachable Antenna Whip
  • Holders/mounts/fittings for transporting kayaks, bikes, fishing rods and more
  • Projecta Automatic 12V 10A 7 Stage Battery Charger
  • Hema HX-1 Navigator

How to build your perfect 4WD for camping and touring?

To get the most of your 4WD experience you will need to get away from the bitumen roads and head off the beaten track. With a 4WD, you are in the driver’s seat with access to some of Australia’s most amazing scenery and wilderness locations. The 4WD you purchase off the factory floor can be modified to suit your camping and touring style for seeing the real Australia.

If you are touring, your 4WD should be comfortable, self-sufficient, and able to take you and the entire gang off the beaten track for a day, weekend or extended journey. If you are considering modifications, make sure they suit the underlying purposes of your vehicle. 4WDs are common and used by city slickers as much as outback adventurers, so any alterations/improvements/accessories to your off-road vehicle should reflect your personal preferences.

With a little 4WD experience you will soon discover your likes and dislikes. You may need to fine-tune dishwashing and clothes washing solutions, for example, or find that you prefer to sleep in the 4WD rather than in a tent. Everyone is different and fitting out the vehicle according to your style should be a high priority. Here are a few more personalised 4WD ideas from Anaconda.

  • GME 406MHz Personal Locator Beacon with GPS
  • GME UHF 1W Handheld Radio
  • Staun Tyre Deflators
  • Narva 250 mm LED Reading Light (plug-in)
  • Vehicle extension leads, adaptors, couplings, shackles and tow-balls
  • Cargo Mate 27 Inch Spare Wheel Cover

Safety and style are both important at Anaconda. Safety gear available includes towing mirrors, high-quality tie-down straps and sturdy jacks. A perfect 4WD fit-out can showcase your outback nature with additions that may include an extendable annex, slide-out kitchen or fold-out bed. 4WD creature comforts have improved dramatically over the decades, and with the pastime more popular than ever, your options for 4WD camping, glamping, touring and exploring are limitless.

Making sure your 4WD companions are happy campers

Your 4WD needs to suit you and make you happy, although the good vibes should be shared by anyone else who comes along for the ride. People unfamiliar with off-road adventures and camping may be a little shell-shocked at first, so making them feel comfortable and relaxed is part of the strategy.

Self-sufficient touring and camping

4WD travelling life can be civilised, including eating, sleeping, toilet and bathing routines. In addition, if you do ever get stuck you will need supplies of food, water and other essentials to last for a few days. If you are well set up for self-sufficiency, there is no reason why you can’t be comfortable for between 1-3 weeks at your chosen destination.

Convenient cooking and dining solutions

Camp-style cooking is all about preparing meals that are tasty and healthy without going to too much trouble. Fortunately, options abound for outdoor chefs and BBQ style cooks for 4WD camping, such as using a gas burner for one pot meals or cooking over a fire (depending on restrictions) for meal times under the stars. Your food preparation and clean up strategies will make a big difference for a comfortable and satisfying experience.

Comfortable and practical sleeping arrangements

A guaranteed way to ruin a camping trip is to sleep badly night after night. If you are waking up feeling sore, cold or uncomfortable, adjustments to your sleeping arrangements need to be made with the help of Anaconda camping gear and equipment. It takes all types, and outback preferences include options for tents, swags, trailers and roof top bedding. Dedicated 4WD enthusiasts understand the equation, incorporating custom built canopies and functional modifications for personalised travelling.

4WD accessories and equipment are a big deal for people who want to explore the vast Australian countryside. In a world where communications are unceasing, getting away from it all is more enticing than ever, and Anaconda will show you exactly how to make the most out of your 4WD off-road adventure.



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