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Shop MAXTRAX Recovery Boards For Your Next 4WD Adventure in Any Terrain

MAXTRAX is a world-renowned product specially designed for the Australian terrain to provide a safe, simple, quick and easy method of vehicle recovery. It is formulated from years of research and designed to maximise the ease of vehicle recovery. MAXTRAX is an innovative product that shakes up the 4WD market.

Discover MAXTRAX Recovery Boards For Your Offroad Expedition

The MAXTRAX Mark II Recovery Boards are the flagship product, expertly designed to be lightweight, durable and practical. It features a unique textured surface to maximise grip and recovery, containing hard-anodised teeth and super tough engineering-grade reinforced nylon to take on any load. Made for the serious 4WD expert, MAXTRAX Mark II Recovery Boards are a must-have in your arsenal. You can effectively recover a stranded or bogged vehicle in a variety of conditions with the MAXTRAX Mark II Recovery Boards without outside assistance such as towing, snatching, or winching. Shop at Anaconda for the best prices on MAXTRAX recovery boards, you can find the MAXTRAX Mark II Recovery Board and the MAXTRAX Mini Recovery Board.

Do I need the MAXTRAX Mark II Recovery Board or the MAXTRAX Mini Recovery Board?

Deciding between the regular and mini-size recovery board depends on your vehicle size, terrain use and stowing space available. The MAXTRAX Mark II Recovery Board is great for all-sized vehicles and maximises your chances of recovery in all conditions, measuring 1190 x 350 x 95 mm. Whereas the MAXTRAX Mini measuring just 640mm long x 330mm wide x 85mm tall, stacks together at a height of just 85mm (3.5 inches) allowing for easy stowing and perfect for your preventing your ATV, UTV, SUV or 4WD vehicle from slipping back into mud, snow, or sand.

How Many MAXTRAX Do You Need?

Depending on your offroad adventure, you may need two, four or more MAXTRAX recovery boards. For everyday adventures, two should be sufficient, for extreme terrain carry four as that will enhance the chances of recovery. If you are towing, consider carrying up to six recovery boards to effectively dislodge your vehicle and towing load.

Grab MAXTRAX Mounting Pins For Securing Your Boards on Your Vehicle

You can easily mount your MAXTRAX Mark II Recovery Board on your roof rack, roof platform, toolbox lid or crossbars with the MAXTRAX MKII Mounting Pin Set. You'll have your boards ready to go wherever your adventure takes you. The specially designed nylon and stainless-steel quick-release Mounting Pins are easy to install and use. There's also a hole in the top of each mounting pin for a padlock for extra security.

Hit the 4WD Track With Confidence With MAXTRAX

Take on the most advanced 4WD tracks with confidence with MAXTRAX. You can trust the specially engineered recovery tracks which are designed and made in Australia. Used by world-leading off-road champions and military units, get the best professional recovery tracks right here. Shop 4wd recovery gear online at Anaconda and enjoy the convenience of home delivery or click and collect. Alternatively, visit your local Anaconda store to see and feel the products for yourself.



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