Whether you are into serious off-roading, or are planning a long road trip, don't get stuck in the middle of nowhere! Prepare yourself with the range of recovery gear at Anaconda. Make sure you are always equipped to get yourself or travelling companions out of trouble when needed. A simple shovel, jack or tyre deflator may be all you need for your next road trip, but in more serious situations TREDs will assist you in getting your vehicle out of mud, sand, snow or sludge, while complete recovery kits bring peace of mind for off-road situations or trips through inhospitable terrain

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What recovery items can I buy at Anaconda?

At Anaconda, we pride ourselves on our vast range of high-quality recovery accessories available all at our fantastic low prices. Whether it's a simple set up, you're looking for, or if you are planning to drive on more severe terrain, our range of recovery accessories will ensure that you always have the necessary equipment to get yourself or a travelling companion out of trouble.

What recovery items do I need?

That depends on personal choice and where and what you are planning to drive. A simple set up might include a jack, pressure gauge, a shovel and a tyre deflators. For harsher terrains, we would recommend having treds or one of our recovery kits with you, so that you are prepared for any situation, including helping out a friend in need. Choose your product items above for home delivery or call into one of our nationwide stores for further advice from one of our team.

What's the difference between self-recover and snatching recovery?

Self-recovery is when an individual vehicle is able to recover itself, without any assistance from another car. It is considered that the number of tools taken should increase if you are planning on doing self-recovery. We would also recommend that you do not go off-road driving alone, so that if you did get into trouble, there would be another individual, or preferably vehicle, to assist you. A snatch recovery is when another vehicle is used to pull the stuck vehicle free, using snatch equipment.

What does W.L.L mean?

W.L.L stands for working load limit, and it refers to the recommended maximum weight loads that that piece of equipment can handles. This maximum working load has been recommended by the manufacturer and complies with AS/NZS Guidelines.

What items would you consider to be essential?

While your choice of recovery gear does depend on the terrain and whether you will be joined by another vehicle, some items are considered to be essential. We would suggest that a jack, tyre pressure gauge, shovel, and gloves are kept in your vehicle with your replacement tyre, at all times. When using a winch, you should always use a tree trunk protector. It is our duty to care for the environment, and this is a necessary piece of kit to reduce the impact on the trees. Also, you should never loop a winch to connect it around the tree as this is unsafe and could cause an accident or injury.

What safety requirements should I consider?

We would always recommend that you check oil, water and tire pressure before you embark on your journey. All of our tried and tested recovery gear is high quality and meets Australian standards for safety, but we would like to remind you that you should never attempt to recover a vehicle without the necessary equipment that has been appropriately rated and is in working condition. Any bystanders should be kept at a safe distance from the car during recovery. At Anaconda, we care about your wellbeing and safety and we would also like to take this chance to remind you, that you should never leave your vehicle unless you are confident that you can easily walk to safety. Please be careful and make sure that somebody knows where you are going at all times.



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