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Towing & tie-down equipment determines what trailer or RV you can couple with your vehicle. Shop Anaconda's boat tie down straps & towing accessories!

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What do I require for towing with a regular vehicle?

Before venturing onto the road, your vehicle and trailer should be registered and roadworthy. There are several essentials to consider that will make towing easy and assist the driver and other road users. Here are a few necessary pieces of equipment, with many items available online or in-store at Anaconda.

Lights: Your trailer should ideally have rear position lamps (tail lights) and front position lamps (side lights) depending on the trailer width.

Stop lamps: Your trailer should be fitted with stop lamps to alert following road users that you are slowing down or stopping. The trailer should also be fitted with reflectors for greater visibility. Check out ARK trailer lights and reflectors, available at Anaconda.

Registration plate lamp: Your registration plate needs to be visible at all times, and should be illuminated by a white light that won't dazzle or confuse following drivers.

Direction indicators: All trailers should have direction indicator lamps connected. The ARK trailer cable kit will connect all trailer lights and indicators to your vehicle electrics via a trailer adaptor.

Does Anaconda stock tow bars and tow couplings?

Yes, we do, and it is important to match the right tow bar and couplings with your vehicle. Your tow couplings, leaf springs and tow bar should be strong enough to tow your trailer when fully laden. The tow bar and trailer should be fitted correctly to optimise weight transfer and towing forces. Make sure to apply downward force toward the front of the trailer close to the tow ball rather that at the back, to ensure improved handling.

For secure attachment, it is worth considering high quality ARK quick-release tow ball couplings that include screw adjustment and a built-in padlock for additional safety and security. Anaconda also stocks heavy-duty D-shackles and bow-shackles to ensure your connections hold tight on all Australian road conditions.

How to maintain a trailer?

Regular trailer maintenance is important if you use your trailer often. The trailer should be thoroughly checked, including lights, shackles and tie downs, prior to embarking on any short or long-distance journey. Here are some key trailer maintenance jobs.

  • Check tyre pressure and look for signs or wear and tear.
  • Clean all lights and reflectors and make sure they are all in working order.
  • Check to ensure all tow couplings are secure and lubricated where required.
  • Jack up your trailer and spin the wheels. Listen for noises that indicate worn bearings.
  • Check all tie-down points are secure. Make sure all tie-down straps are correctly fastened.

A poorly maintained trailer cannot be towed correctly no matter how good a driver you are. Visit Anaconda prior to your next road trip, and head onto the open road with confidence in your vehicle and equipment.

How to arrange and secure a load?

Here are a few more safe towing tips, courtesy of Anaconda.

  1. Spread the load evenly on the deck of your trailer, keeping the height as low as possible.
  2. Place heavier items at the bottom if you are stacking a load on your trailer. Make sure the load doesn't extend outside the body of the trailer.
  3. Position loads close to the axle and avoid placing heavier loads toward the trailer rear. Ensure downward force at the point of attachment.
  4. Securely pack gear using restraints wherever possible. Check out Anaconda jerry can holders, spare tyre holders and other smart traveller products.
  5. Use appropriate webbing straps, ropes, chains or clamps attached to the correct anchoring points on your trailer.
  6. Fully cover loose loads and bulk materials to stop your load flying off at speed. Explore Anaconda tarps, mesh cages, boat covers and more targeted products for safe towing.


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