4WD Mats Buying Guide

Choosing The Right 4WD Mat

When you are camping, comfort is incredibly important. Without a good night of sleep, you will wake up sluggish, tired and irritable - which is not what you want when you have a long drive or hike ahead of you. The only remedy is a good night's sleep, which is where 4WD mats stand out. Here is everything you need to know about 4WD mats:

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What Is A 4WD Mat?

4WD Mats

Simply put: a 4WD mattress is considered the epitome of camping mattresses. With many featuring self-inflating features, a 4WD mattress is designed and built to provide superior insulation for when cold nights drop in temperature. They also offer incredible comfort, ensuring you'll drift quickly to sleep from the moment your head hits the pillow. Whether you are hitting the bush in the 4WD, camping in the backyard or need a comfy mattress for the spare room, a 4WD mat will tick all the boxes.

How Long Does A Dune 4WD Mat Take To Inflate?

Inflating A 4WD Mat

When inflating a Dune 4WD mat, it will typically take around two hours to self-inflate for the first time. Once it has fully inflated, it should take between five to ten minutes to self-inflate when using again. As it is inflating, occasionally push down on the 4WD mattress to make sure it is firming up and inflating correctly. Once it has finished, you will need to top it up with some additional air before closing and sealing the air valve.

How To Deflate A Dune 4WD Mat

Deflating A 4WD Mat

First of all, keep all the straps nearby before starting, then begin by opening the valve on the 4WD mattress. If you are deflating a double mattress, then fold it in half to help it deflate. Start gently and slowly rolling up the bottom of the mattress to help push the air out of the valve. Once you have rolled it up, close the valve and then unroll the mattress. Repeat this process again to remove any air that is still remaining in the 4WD mat.

How To Roll Up A Dune 4WD Mat

Begin by grabbing the bottom of the 4WD mat and tightly rolling it. Making sure that the valve is closed and the matt is fully deflated, roll it all the way to the top. Once you have fully rolled up your 4WD mat, click in the straps to secure it in place. There you have it!

What Size Of 4WD Mats Are Available?

4WD Mat Sizes

At Anaconda, we have a huge range of 4WD mats that are available in a wide range of sizes to suit every type of camper, all the way from single up to king size and everything in between. Before selecting your chosen air mattress, make sure that the size suits your needs, such as how many people will be sleeping on the 4WD mat.

What Is The Best 4WD Mattress?

Best 4WD Mats

As this is a subjective question, only a subjective answer relative to your personal camping situation will suffice. There are many factors to consider that will reflect in your decision-making process. For example, if you don't want to spend most of your camping trip stuck beside an air pump, then choosing a self-inflating 4WD mattress will be a smarter choice.

Comfort is another obvious consideration that will need to be factored. This means looking at the thickness of the air mattress, which a good size is typically around 10cm. As camping can take its toll on camping gear, durability is another important factor to consider. This is why most of our 4WD mats are made from durable material such as Flock PVC Fabric to ensure that it will last for many years, no matter where you camp.

When it comes to camping, comfort is one of the most important factors you have to consider, which makes choosing the right type of 4WD mat incredibly crucial for an enjoyable outdoor camping experience. Once you have found the right air mattress for your needs, check out our Adventure Centre to discover the most exciting camping destinations in Australia to try out your new 4WD mat!



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