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For 70 years, Gerber has been a trusted company dedicated to making knives and tools that combine high quality materials and innovative designs that stand up to a lifetime of use.

No longer just a knife company, they now build Multi-tools, axes, handsaws, machetes, headlamps, flashlights, survival kits and digging implements. All built with the same standards of quality and design that inform their revered knife making.

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Can I purchase the Gerber Range from Anaconda?

Founded in 1839, Gerber has been committed to providing reliable, innovative knives and tools that continue to save the day on a regular basis. Whatever your outdoor adventure, always have the right blade for the job with Gerber. Choose them for the best multi-tools and survival gear that is trusted around the world. Shop online or at your local Anaconda store today for Gerber's revered knives and blades, available now with Anaconda's fantastic low prices across the whole collection.

What is included in this range?

This range includes a whole host of Gerber knives and tools to ensure that you always have what you need on your outdoor adventure. There are a wide range of knives to choose from, including drop point knives, saws, machetes and more. See below for more information on which of these would be the right choice for you. This collection also includes Gerber shovels, axes, cutters and shears and more! Check out the fabulous range of Gerber multi-tools, which feature a variety of different pliers, blades, and other tools. These have been purposely designed to ensure ultimate productivity, and would also be a great gift idea for a loved one who loves the outdoors.

Which of these knives would be right for me?

If you are not quite sure which of these knives would be right for you, there are a few things that you can consider before making your choice. Most importantly, it is essential that you think about the way in which you will mostly use your new blade. For example, the Gerber Infantry Knife, has a partially serrated blade, can also be used as a hammer and has been designed for survival in even the most extreme conditions.

A machete has a long heavy blade, and it is often used to cut a path through thick vegetation. It is a popular knife, which while it is not suitable for detailed or fine work, it can quickly clear your way. Serrated knives are ideal for cutting fibrous things such as ropes and straps. Whereas a sheath knife and offers single hand opening, nylon sheath for extra safety and are an excellent general purpose blade. The Gerber folding knife is an assist opening blade that flicks open, allowing for fast blade deployment.

Gerber has also collaborated with one of the best survival experts in the world, Bear Grills, to produce a range of tools and blades that are ideal for survival, camping and hunting situations. Bear and Gerber have worked together to produce t0op quality knives that have been loaded with top innovations, sharp blades, and designed to meet any scenario imaginable.

How should I clean my new Gerber tool?

Maintaining knives and multi-tools is of critical importance, and a dull blade can be dangerous. It is important you clean it after each use and sharpen your knife as needed. After each use, rinse your gear in clean water, dry thoroughly and lightly oil the metal and pivot areas. When you are cleaning your knife always make sure that the blade is pointing away from you, and that you dry it with a clean towel immediately afterwards to prevent it from rusting. A knife sharpener is one of the best ways to keep your blade as new, and with the Gerber pocket sharpener, you can even sharpen it on the go.

Is there anything else I need to remember?

We would like to remind customers that it is essential that you always put safety first. Ensure that knives are appropriately covered and stored while on the move, and be careful when handling them. A dull knife can be dangerous, so make sure that your knife has been sharpened and always cut away from the body. These knives should always be stored out of the reach of children, and knife safety should consistently be of critical concern.

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