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Ensure the security of your caravan with durable jockey wheels and trailer parts from Ark Corporation. Explore the full Ark range at Anaconda for your next adventure.

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Discover The Incredible Range Of Ark Jockey Wheels & Trailer Parts At Anaconda

Upgrade your towing setup with our range of Ark trailer accessories. With a focus on quality, durability and innovation, our range of Ark Corporation trailer parts and jockey wheels caters to the diverse needs of trailer owners and operators worldwide. Leveraging cutting-edge engineering and meticulous design, Ark Corporation ensures seamless functionality and reliability in every component. Their dedication to excellence extends beyond mere products, encompassing comprehensive support services and a deep understanding of customer requirements. In a rapidly evolving industry landscape, our fantastic range of Ark jockey wheels and trailer parts empowers users to navigate their journeys with confidence and efficiency.

Our amazing range of Ark trailer parts and accessories are meticulously crafted to elevate your towing experience. The flagship Ark X0750 series jockey wheel embodies unrivalled durability and precision engineering, ensuring effortless manoeuvrability for your trailer. Enhance safety and visibility on the road with the Ark trailer board TB153L and our top-of-the-line trailer lights, designed for optimal performance and longevity. For marine enthusiasts, our Ark marine bearing kits provide unparalleled reliability for smooth sailing adventures. Need superior stability? Look no further than the Ark 10" jockey wheel. And for complete control, trust Ark brake cable kits to deliver unparalleled braking efficiency. Shop our entire range of Ark jockey wheels, Ark trailer parts and more at Anaconda online or in-store today!

Ark Jockey Wheels FAQs

Where are Ark jockey wheels made?

Ark jockey wheels are proudly manufactured in state-of-the-art facilities located in Australia. Leveraging advanced technology and precision engineering, each jockey wheel is meticulously crafted to meet the highest standards of quality and performance. With a commitment to excellence and innovation, Ark ensures that every jockey wheel delivers durability, reliability and smooth operation.

How do I know what size Ark jockey wheel I need?

Determining the correct size of an Ark jockey wheel involves considering several factors. First, measure the drawbar height from the ground to the top of the coupling. Then, assess the trailer's weight and intended usage. Consult Ark's sizing guide or speak with a specialist to match these measurements and requirements with the appropriate jockey wheel model, ensuring optimal performance and stability during towing.

How do you attach an Ark jockey wheel?

Attaching an Ark jockey wheel is a straightforward process. Begin by positioning the jockey wheel clamp around the drawbar, ensuring it's securely fastened. Insert the jockey wheel shaft into the clamp and tighten the bolt to secure it in place. Adjust the height as needed using the adjustable shaft. Finally, verify the stability and alignment before towing to ensure safe and efficient operation.

Does jockey wheel size matter?

Yes, the size of a jockey wheel matters. The correct size ensures optimal performance and stability during towing. A jockey wheel that is too small may struggle to support the trailer's weight or provide adequate clearance, leading to potential issues such as dragging or instability. Conversely, a properly sized jockey wheel provides smooth manoeuvrability and effective weight distribution, enhancing overall towing safety and ease of use.

Shop Our Full Range Of Ark Jockey Wheels & Trailer Parts At Anaconda

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