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Get correct directions at all times with the communication and navigation range from Anaconda. Explore our tactical walkie talkies, road maps & atlases!

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Get in right directions at all times with communication and navigation products from Anaconda. Explore our tactical walkie talkies, two-way radios and headsets online or in-store. Rechargeable hand held radios are ideal for long range cordless communication, assisted by UHF radio, Bluetooth and smartphone innovations. At Anaconda, you will find mobile phones, GPS, GMRS and Vox network products, plus the best traditional walkie talkies, 2 way radios, chargers and headsets on the market.

Nothing beats being outdoors, surrounded by bush and the sound of birdsong, as long as your home base campsite has waterproof handheld radios or other two-way radios. Twin pack walkie talkies from Anaconda are priced right for amateur and professional orienteering and exploring, and our collection of audio accessories includes wearables, noise cancelling gear, smart home security systems and a whole lot more. Anaconda partners with name brands such as Kenwood, Garmin, Uniden and Vox so we can bring you the widest range of communication & navigation gear for the best available price.

Camping is a little like swimming - even beginners enjoy it until they get out of their depth. Two-way radios and walkie talkies are the best way to stay in long range touch while enjoying the outdoors. Options include the Motorola Talkabout, FRS, or family radio service walkie talkies, UHF CB radios, high quality radio transceivers and noise cancelling headsets. Camping navigation and communications equipment should be at the forefront of considerations when preparing for the unexpected. Anaconda supports outdoor Australians with name brand camping, hiking and navigation equipment that will keep you safe on the trail and in touch with the outside world.


This will depend on your style of camping. Many people hardly venture further than caravan parks and roadside rest stops when on a camping/driving vacation, while others prefer to head off on foot with nothing but a backpack and its contents. Whether you spend your time on the road or on the hiking trail, Anaconda provides tailored navigation solutions including GPS, radios, maps, personal locater beacons and more. Here are just a few choice selections available at Anaconda.

Garmin Etrex 10 GPS: Specially designed to handle the elements, the Garmin Etrex 10 GPS is ruggedly constructed, dependable, and easy to read in any environment. This GPS boasts a long battery life, is water proof and able to withstand dust, dirt and humidity.

Tactical Pro T628 2 Way Walkie Talkie: Whether your adventure includes fishing, camping, hiking, exploring or any other outdoor activity, these walkie talkies will make sure your team are in contact and ready to respond at all times.

Hema 4WD Adventures Book: The convenient way to discover and explore Australia's top 100 4WD tracks. This guide is the ultimate off-road adventure tool, with each page featuring colourful imagery and detailed maps of all the best off-road tracks.

GME Detachable Antenna Whip: An important addition to boating safety and navigation, this antenna whip is detachable and easy to insert, ensuring you are covered while in port or out on the open water.

GME 406MHz EPIRB With GPS: A 66 channel GPS receiver with an amazingly accurate antenna. The precise homing beacon, high performance and 10 year battery life make this device a search and rescue favourite and trusted camping navigation assistant for many years of reliable service.


A GPS can improve your camping and hiking experience in lots of different ways. GPS provides a safety-first approach to exploring new trails and heading off the beaten track. With appropriate Anaconda equipment on you side, your GPS can help you in ways that include:

  • Location - determine your exact position at all times
  • Navigation - travel safely overland, on the road or at sea from one location to another
  • Tracking - monitor the movements of a person or vehicle
  • Mapping - create maps to assist with orientation and scale
  • Timing - calculating timed exploration taking distances and terrain into consideration

Hiking, camping and other outdoor activities entail risks that should be mitigated as far as possible. It isn't uncommon for people to get lost and disorientated in the Australian wilderness, making a GPS tracking device a worthwhile investment for everyone concerned. Here are a few ways to use your GPS for camping navigation and other purposes.


If you are planning to hike, hunt, fish or explore during your time outdoors, a GPS will help you remain grounded. You can map out the route ahead to avoid unexpected delays, and your GPS works even when visibility is poor. A dedicated GPS has superior durability and battery life compared to a mobile phone with GPS capability, and will continue to function in areas where your mobile phone doesn't get reception.


GPS tracking devices can be attached to important possessions and even children and pets to ensure they don't get lost in the woods. With GPS tracking, you won't find yourself scrambling aimlessly in an emergency.


GPS is invaluable in emergency situations and can make all the difference if you and your group need to be located or rescued. A GPS with personal locator beacon will deliver your coordinates to the authorities, enabling them to locate you any time of the day or night, regardless of prevailing weather conditions.

If you are planning a hiking or camping trip, make sure to tell friends or family of your plans beforehand. Camping navigation equipment is incredibly useful, with the most highly recommended radios and other gear available at Anaconda to ensure safety at all times while exploring the countryside.


The best GPS devices are lightweight, sturdy, powerful and long-lasting. All Anaconda products are hand chosen for manufacturing quality, standards and reputation, and our GPS choices are no exception. The range of portable, wearable, and stowable GPS devices is growing, and highest quality is expected, making Anaconda the go-to store for camping navigation gear that can't be beat. Here is one product that delivers the ultimate outback survivalist experience, without weighing you down.


This is the world's first solar-assisted GPS navigation device, and includes a 'triple sensor' barometer, compass and thermometer. The G-Shock Rangeman has Bluetooth connectivity, clear LCD display and is water-resistant to 200 metres. The Rangeman can display current location and destination for real-time measurements and tracking data can be saved automatically.

With the push of a button, longitude and latitude are displayed, and up to 60 points can be saved to the memory log. You can track and plan routes, access tide data and sync with internet servers for expanded G-Shock Rangeman potential. Arguably the best GPS for 2020, the G-Shock Rangeman is high on the wish list for experienced and novice hikers, campers and boaties.


Technology provides us with enhanced navigation capabilities, although it's always wise to have a backup plan in case the technology fails. You should always carry traditional camping navigation equipment with you, including a high-quality torch, sturdy compass and topographical maps of the area and terrain. There are times when chilling out enjoying the view is all you need, but enjoyment is enhanced with safety on your side.

You may also like to investigate the camping and hiking clothing options at Anaconda. Keeping your GPS and other devices dry and in good working order is a high priority, making backpacks, jackets, vests and pants with appropriate pockets and pouches extremely useful. A multi-tool and belt clip may help you balance out your belongings while hiking, while the right boots, socks, hat and glasses will make a huge difference.


Progressive camping navigation equipment in 2020 is lightweight and easily carried. GPS devices, phones, walkie talkies and locator beacons are all small, lightweight and easily stowed. Many devices can remain charged using solar energy, while Anaconda offers additional power solutions for your camping/hiking trip.

Ark 2600mAh Portable Power Bank: This very small and lightweight power bank can be charged from any USB port and has enough power to recharge a GPS navigation unit, mobile phone or digital camera twice from a single charge.

Seak Safety Deck Light: Australia is surrounded by vast oceans and remaining safe while on the water is important. You can paddle safely with the Seak Safety Deck Light that includes a programmed S.O.S signal, secure connection to your kayak, and a built-in safety whistle. You can clip this life saving device to your vest for additional peace of mind.

Silva Ranger SL Compass: This incredibly useful navigation device is big on features. The Silva Ranger SL Compass includes a built-in sun dial, friction-free movement, pin-on jacket function, measurements in mm and inches and detachable lanyard for comfortable hiking and camping navigation.

Anaconda are Australia's favourite outdoor and camping equipment specialists offering convenient online purchasing solutions and an Australia-wide network of stores. We are proud to offer the best hiking, camping and navigation gear available for successful outdoor and off-grid adventures wherever you are.



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