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When it comes to safety whilst bike riding ensuring you have a strong protective Helmet that fits well and good UV protective bike riding glasses that shield your eye from the harsh Aussie sun and bugs, are very important.

Anaconda carries a massive range of both ensuring that you don't have to go from bike shop to bike shop to find the right fit. We carry top brands including Giro, Scott, Fluid, Six six one & Limar.

Riding a bike with no helmet is similar to riding driving in a car with no seatbelt, it just doesn't make sense. Helmets are the one thing you should never get on a bike without.

The good news is that in recent year's advances in production of bike helmets have made them lighter and more comfortable than ever without sacrificing anything in protective capability.

Guidance for Choosing the Correct Sized Bike Helmet

Finding the right sized bike helmet is crucial. Bike helmets usually come in size small, medium, large and extended sizes. The first step is to measure your head size by wrapping a flexible tape measure around the largest section of your head (Usually about 1 inch above your eyebrows). Alternatively you can wrap a string or ribbon around your head and then measure the length of string with a tape measure.

Look for a helmet size that matches your measurement using General sizing parameters:

  • Extra Small: below 20" (51cm)
  • Small: 20"-21.75" (51cm-55cm)
  • Medium: 21.75"-23.25" (55cm-59cm)
  • Large: 23.25"-24.75" (59cm-63cm)
  • Extra Large: above 24.75 (63cm)
  • One size fits all (men): 21.25"-24" (54cm-61cm)
  • One size fits all (women): 19.75"-22.5" (50cm-57cm)
  • One size fits all (kids): 18"-22.5" (46cm-57cm)

If your head falls somewhere in between sizes you can opt for a slightly larger size and use a riding cap to fill the extra space, but make sure that the final fit is snug and the Helmet will not slip off your head.

Adults with smaller sized heads can usually find a children's sized helmet that will fit.

Types of Bike Helmets

There are three types of bike helmets including recreational, road and mountain bike helmets.These are all designed to protect your head from impact.

Here is a brief description of each which highlight the differences between them:

Recreational bike helmets tend to be cheaper and are appropriate for use by commuters, road and mountain bike riders. They are also popular with roller bladers and inline skaters. They will often have visors to protect your eye from the sun.

Road riding bike helmets are used more by road riding enthusiasts and are generally lighter with more ventilation and an aerodynamic design. They usually do not have visors as these add weight that is not essential to the road riding experience.

The key difference with Mountain bike helmets is that they make use of increased ventilation at lower speeds. They usually provide greater head coverage, in particular at the back of the helmets and have a firmer secure fit designed to counteract any movement of the helmet due to the rough ride mountain biking entails. Certain mountain bike helmets even feature full face protection and look a little more like motorcycle helmets.



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