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Snow goggles and ski goggles are essential for enjoying snowboarding and skiing adventures in Australian alpine regions. The Anaconda collection of snowboard goggles for men, women and kids has something for everyone, including low light snow goggles, frameless snow goggles and mirror snow goggles. Great snowboard goggle options from Carve and 37 Degrees South at a price you'll love. Whether you need snow goggles for low light or sunny days, the snowboard goggles collection at Anaconda is sure to tick the right boxes. Get ready for your snow trip with all the snow essentials you need at Anaconda including snow clothes and snow gloves for the whole family.

Choosing The Right Goggles For Skiing Or Snowboarding

High quality ski goggles and snowboard goggles have a host of built-in features including lumalens, iridium, red ion and unisex goggle lenses for all ages. Quality snow goggles last a lifetime, with replacement lens and spare lens available. As Australia's most popular outdoor and adventure retailer, Anaconda partners with great brands to bring you snow goggles at low prices.

Snow Goggles FAQs

Which Lens Tint Is Recommended For A Snowboarding Or Skiing Trip?

Most people who shop for goggles for the first time often believe that the lens tint is simply a nice beautification feature. However, lens tints do have a function and can make your pair of goggles more or less suitable for certain environments. This means it is important to be familiar with the different types of lens tints.

When you choose the lens tint for your goggles, it must provide you with anything from colour definition to depth perception. Specific lens tints are used to provide these qualities in an environment where there is lots of light, e.g. an area with lots of snow, from which light reflects. Of course, you could also encounter areas that are not that bright. So, here is the lowdown on popular lens tints.

  • Yellow, gold and amber lenses - This lens tint is most suitable for environments with reduced light and possibly fog. By using this colour lens, you can filter out any blue light that is present, but also view shadows better. As such, you can enjoy enhanced vision in poor light conditions.
  • Pink and copper lenses - If you will not encounter any fog, but will encounter poor light conditions, pink and copper lenses could be the more suitable choice for your goggles. While they are less effective in foggy environments compared to the previously recommended lenses, they are quite good when it comes to dealing with darker environments.
  • Dark brown, grey, and green lenses - As a general rule of thumb, the darker lenses are more suitable for brighter environments. If you are going to encounter lots of light, choosing colours such as dark brown, grey, or dark green will ensure your eyes get spared the strain strong light could cause.

Can Goggles Have Special Lenses As Well?

Much like sunglasses, goggles can have special lenses with a specific purpose. Below, we have listed the most common options and their intended purpose.

  • Mirror-coated lenses - These lenses are most suitable for bright environments with lots of sunlight, as these lenses will reflect some of the sunlight without it hitting your eyes. While these are less suitable for darker days, they are the go-to for bright and sunny days.
  • Clear lenses - Some lenses appear to have no special treatment, this is referred to as clear lenses. Contrary to belief, these lenses do have a clear function, as they are recommended for darker days, sunset, or night. The darker the environment, the higher the visible light transmission (VLT) you will need. Clear lenses provide some of the highest VLT out there.
  • Photochromatic lenses - These lenses are probably counted among the most expensive in this overview, since photochromatic lenses have the possibility to change according to the light situation. For example, when it gets darker, lenses will become clearer. On the other hand, if it gets lighter, the lenses will become darker. It is the perfect solution for skiers and snowboarders who want a one-lens-fits-all-situations solution.

How to wear snow goggles?

You can wear snow goggles over a helmet, beanie, balaclava or any other headwear. Ensure you adjust the strap accordingly.

What size snow goggles do I need?

Aside from kids and adults snow goggles, they usually come in 'one size fits most'. However you can tailor your fit with the adjustable band. Goggles should fit snug to keep out the cold but not too tight.

How to clean snow goggles?

Always follow the package instructions, generally after use wipe down your snow goggles with a soft cloth to remove excess moisture. Allow your snow goggles to dry full and store them in a dry place when not in use.

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