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Select The Best Socks With This Guide From Spotlight

While most people do not pay much attention to the socks they purchase, getting familiar with the different types of socks and the materials they are made of can certainly enhance their lifespan. If you are currently browsing our collection in search of some new socks, be sure to check out the useful guide below.

Which Fabrics Are Used For Socks?

Socks can be made from a variety of fabrics, just like other types of apparel. Naturally, different fabrics have different properties. So, if you suffer from sweaty feat or another foot problem from time to time, the material for your socks should be considered carefully.

Wool - Socks can be made from a variety of wool materials, this may include famous Merino wool. You can also encounter wool blended with another fabric such as cotton or polyester. Naturally, this type of material is selected for warmth, especially during colder weather.

Acrylic - Even though this may be a less-known material, acrylic provides the most affordable option in this overview. In addition to that, socks made from an acrylic material are quick-drying, this is good news for anyone who spends a lot of time in the gym.

Cotton - While cotton is an affordable fabric, it is not as recommended for anyone who hikes or does a lot of workouts, as this material tends to trap moisture. That being said, cotton socks do come in a lot of fun designs and are a great choice for everyday use.

Nylon - This is a manmade material that is often blended with natural fibres to enhance their properties. It can make up to 50% of a sock's fabric composition, in which case the socks can have properties such as more durability and strength.

Elastane - Most socks require some degree of stretch, this allows socks to fit people with various shoe sizes. However, contrary to nylon, a stretchy material such as elastane will only be a minor percentage in the entire fabric composition, this can amount to as little as 2%.

Is Sock Height Important?

Sock height usually comes down to preference. Some people prefer the low socks, as they remain hidden in shoes and are not that apparent when wearing sneakers. Other people may prefer the taller socks, since these can be useful during colder temperatures.

Of course, the type of activity you will be doing while wearing the socks does matter. For example, people who intend to go skiing usually wear taller socks for added insultation. So, always think about where you will be wearing the socks before you purchase them.

Is The Thickness Of A Sock Important For Comfort?

Anyone who regularly encounters pain in the feet could benefit from a thicker sock, as a thicker sock provides more cushioning. Of course, thicker socks are considerably warmer than their thinner equivalents. If you often encounter problems because of foot sweat, it is not necessarily the best thing to choose the thicker socks.

When the feet get too warm, it is quite easy for the feet to overheat and get blisters. So, why you could argue that thicker socks will provide more cushioning during a hike, the thickness of the socks does make sweating and subsequent blisters more likely. So, if you intend on hiking during warmer weather, you would be better of with medium socks, this means a good blend between the lightest and the heaviest socks you can find.

Do I Have The Right Fit?

Most socks do not have an exact size, as they can cover multiple shoe sizes. However, if you go hiking, it is vital to choose a pair of socks that fits you perfectly. For your socks, you cannot have any spare material that can cause friction in the shoe. The seams should also be flat and not cause any problems as you are walking. As long as these rules are adhered to, your socks will contribute to your hike, not work against it.

At Anaconda, customers can find a wide range of socks. We provide socks for sports, but also for hiking and everyday purposes. View our range of exquisite socks today and find the perfect fit for the purpose you have in mind.



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