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Our range of Casio watches are shock-proof, water-resistant - and do much more than simply tell the time! If you are looking for a watch that doesn't need to be removed while fishing, hiking or camping, then look no further than Casio. Casio watches are in high demand due to their accuracy and reliability in a range of conditions, with many Casio G-Shock watches specifically designed and manufactured to endure tough outdoor climates. They are an ideal accessory to wear while camping, hiking, orienteering, mountaineering and other active outdoor adventures. Casio watches are well-known and highly regarded, and although new products are continually developed, the core focus remains on consumer favourites that include some of the best wristwatches on the market. Anaconda supports leading Australian and international brands, and the partnership with Casio is a natural one.

Why Choose Casio Watches At Anaconda?

The range of Casio G-Shock watches sets a new benchmark for timekeeping. These tough and durable watches include sturdy metal hour and minute hands with a stunning, sleek style. Providing the best of both worlds, the digital and analog format results in high-definition LED illumination and a 3D face with distinctive and easily understood features. Our range of Casio watches is available in a variety of colours and are shock-resistant and water-resistant to 200m.

A great example is the Casio G-Shock G-Lide GAX100B-1A. This watch is an essential piece of equipment for surfers, anglers, sailors and anyone else who enjoys being on the water. All elements of traditional timekeeping are housed, along with features for reading the tide. You can find the high and low tide times for a specific location, along with the measurement of the tide. With this timepiece, you will be able to find the ideal tide for premium surfing conditions, know when the fish are on the bite and negotiate tidal waterways safely.

Casio FAQs

Is Casio a luxury brand?

The tricky answer is that Casio watches and Casio G-Shock watches are not a 'luxury brand' - but with their range of high-quality features, premium materials and stylish appeal, they are considered a 'luxury brand' in the hiking world.

Is Casio a good watch make?

When it comes to the most trustworthy and reliable watch brands out there, Casio watches are considered to be unparalleled in the hiking and camping world. Since beginning its journey in Japan in 1946, Casio has dominated the watch industry to become one of the most easily recognisable brands of watches.

Why are Casio G-Shocks so popular?

The two main factors as to why Casio G-Shock watches are so popular are because of their shockproof construction and absolutely tough design. No matter the conditions or where you are hiking, Casio G-Shock watches will work without fail. Very few other watch brands can offer this type of reliability while sporting a sleek and luxurious style that can be worn anywhere.

What does G stand for in G-Shock?

The 'G' in Casio G-Shock watches stands for Gravitational Shock. So whether it is a baby G watch or a premium G-Shock watch you're after, Casio watches will deliver exceptional quality each and every time.

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As Australia's leading outdoor apparel and equipment specialist, Anaconda supplies the best name-brand local and international products. Casio remains a big name in the watch industry and has been providing trusty service for decades. Anaconda offers the lowest price guarantee, fast checkout, delivery tracking and a comprehensive returns and exchanges policy.

Shop our entire range of Casio watches and G-Shock watches online or visit us in-store today, including our entire range of watches, GPS and lights. For more information, check out our helpful Hydration Buying Guide and our Adventure Centre for lots of exciting travel and adventure destinations.



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