Discover the Features Your Must Consider for Your New Outdoor Watch!

In the digital age filled with smartphones and tablets, many people no longer see the need of a watch. However, this is not the case for a select number of Australians, especially those who spend a lot of time in the outdoors.

Smartphones and tablets are not built to stand against the elements, but a good outdoor watch is. Below, we have created an overview of the features you should consider for an outdoor watch. So, be sure to read our guide and buy your new outdoor watch with confidence.

What Is the First Feature an Outdoor Watch Should Have?

One of the first features that an outdoor watch must have is a rugged build. Since you are taking the watch in the great outdoors, it is bound to encounter a lot of rough situations. If your watch does not have a rugged build, then it will not last long at all.

Outdoor watches usually have a rugged build and are bulkier than the average watch you will find in stores. Naturally, such a rugged build comes with nothing but benefits for outdoor use, but it is less suitable for formal occasions. Still, if you prefer the outdoors over formal dinner, then the rugged outdoor watch will be your favourite accessory.

What Is the Second Feature an Outdoor Watch Should Have?

The second feature to look out for in an outdoor watch is a good display. We are not talking about digital over mechanical, but rather a display that is visible in the great outdoors.

Some watches are made with a surface that reflects sunlight, which makes it impossible to read your watch when you are out an about. Therefore, a rugged outdoor watch must have a display that can be read even under harsh sunlight.

When you choose an outdoor watch, it is also necessary to consider a display that can be seen in the dark. Even though this type of watch is not as useful for hikers, it is useful for campers who may want to know the time in the darkness of their tent at night. Therefore, we usually recommend an outdoor watch with both night and day features.

What Is the Third Feature an Outdoor Watch Should Have?

The following feature is important for both hikers and campers, more specifically a GPS. If you are finding yourself in remote terrain, the GPS could prove useful to find your bearings if you get lost.

Outdoor watches with a GPS feature tend to be pricier than watches who are not equipped with it. So, outdoorsy people who do not spend any time in remote locations may not require this feature and choose a cheaper model.

Hikers and campers that could benefit from the GPS feature must expect an increase in price for their outdoor watch. It is also advised to look on hiker and camper forums for the recommended outdoor watches, since not all GPS systems in outdoor watches are created equal.

What Is the Fourth Feature an Outdoor Watch Should Have?

If you do not want to invest in an outdoor watch with a GPS, there is an alternative feature that could help you pinpoint your location when you get lost, more specifically the compass. In fact, a compass is usually recommended in addition to the GPS, since a loss of reception in a remote location renders your GPS useful.

Fortunately, the compass feature in an outdoor watch does not push the price up too much. It is also one of the survival basics, so by having it in your outdoor watch, you do not have to drag around an additional compass with you when you head out to remote terrain.

What Is the Fifth Feature an Outdoor Watch Should Have?

A good outdoor watch must be resistant to the elements - this means the watch must be waterproof, but also resistant against debris such as dust and sand.

When choosing an outdoor watch, avoid watches with too many crevices. Crevices can cause sand and dust to get in the mechanism but cannot be fully waterproof either. Your best bet is therefore a rugged watch with a rather butch appearance, which provides the protection it requires to withstand the great outdoors.

What Other Features Can I Find in the Outdoor Watches from Anaconda?

There are loads more features to consider for your outdoor watches - this includes other vitals such as battery life. To get a better idea of the features that could prove useful during a hiking or camping trip in the outdoors, be sure to check out the range of outdoor watches available at Anaconda.

Do you have a question about outdoor or sports watches? Need some recommendations for a hiking or camping trip? Get in touch with the Anaconda team today!



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