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Transporting heavy items is easy with the right gear. From surfboards to kayaks and everything in between, our great range of boat roof racks and loaders will make sure that your equipment is securely locked in place wherever you travel.

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What do I need to know about boat roof racks and loaders?

There's nothing worse than driving to your destination and feeling not too confident about how secured your boat or board is to the roof. If you enjoy grabbing your gear and travelling to far-off fishing and SUP spots, then here's what you need to know to ensure it stays put the whole way there.

What's the best roof rack for my boat?

Investing in a quality roof rack loader is crucial when you're hauling heavy and bulky cargo. There are various types such as base racks, rollers and stackers, but it depends on what you're transporting, the roof's weight capacity and what suits your vehicle.

For example, our Sea to Summit Aqua Rack has a j-cradle (also known as j-rack) design, which means it's great for transporting kayaks and canoes on an angle and reducing stress on their hull. With an 80kg capacity, it also has specially designed padded arms to prevent any damage from occurring.

How do I load a kayak on a roof rack?

How you load your boat or kayak onto your roof rack will depend on the type you have. However, here are some tips for loading your kayak onto a j-rack:

  1. Have the kayak lying on the ground with the cockpit facing outwards.
  2. Bending your knees, grab the front and back of the cockpit with both hands.
  3. Lift the kayak onto your thighs using a sliding motion.
  4. Support the kayak by lifting one of your knees and bring it over your head.
  5. Now smoothly put the kayak on top of the roof rack and secure it.

How do I secure a j-cradle roof rack?

To secure your kayak, you'll need a quality tie down strap like our Sea to Summit Heavy Duty Tie Down. Simply loop the straps around the top part of the j-cradles, centring the kayak in the process. Throw both strap ends over the kayak and then strap around the rack crossbar. Repeat this step with the rear strap and then tighten them both.

What other boating essentials can I find at Anaconda?

Whether you're fishing in the boat or paddling in the canoe, make sure you're fully equipped with everything you need to make the most of your outdoor adventure at Anaconda.

  • Boating accessories and supplies: our vast range of boating accessories contains everything from comfortable kayak backrests and paddle leashes to deck lights, fishing gloves and SUP deck bags.
  • Dry bags and storage sacks: whether a wave splashes onto the boat deck or the rapids get a bit too wild when rafting, ensure your valuables are dry and protected with our range of dry bags and storage sacks.
  • Boat trolleys and carts: get your boat safely to the boat ramp without a scratch with our range of boat trolleys and carts.
  • Waterproof cases and pouches: make sure your phone is safe and dry when it rains on your camping trip with our range of waterproof cases and pouches.

Find the Right Boat Roof Racks and Loaders at Anaconda

Whether it's a boat, canoe, SUP, kayak, surfboard or snowboard, our range of loaders and boat roof racks make it quick and easy to bring your gear wherever you go - and without a scratch.

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