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Make light work of transporting heavy items such as kayaks or boards with our boat roof racks & loaders. Shop with us at Anaconda online or in-store.

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Can I buy boating racks and storage items at Anaconda?

Yes, you can. You can now make light work of transporting and storing heavy items such as boats, canoes, kayaks and boards with the racks and tie downs available at Anaconda. Soft racks allow you to transport craft on top of your car, even if you do not have a roof rack, while the protective padding keeps your paint safe. Straps and tiedowns are available in a variety of sizes too.

What should I consider when choosing boating racks for my vehicle?

It's one thing to invest in a kayak, but quite another to transport it to your destination. Whether you're planning to take home your first kayak, canoe or other type of craft, or you are venturing out on the adventure of a lifetime, you'll need a convenient and safe way of transporting your craft, equipment and other items essential to your trip.

You could, of course, buy a long length of rope and strap it to the roof of your vehicle, but chances are you'll end up damaging both your craft and your roof in the process. Other considerations are how to secure the load if you are driving at speed, how to get the craft on and off the roof, and how to protect your kayak or canoe from theft if you have to leave your vehicle unattended during the trip.

Should I have a permanent roof rack or a temporary solution?

This of course depends very much on your circumstances and the frequency with which you expect to be transporting your kayak or canoe. If you are only using your craft occasionally, don't have to travel large distances or need to transport other items on your vehicle roof between boating, you may want to check out the soft, temporary options available. There are also ways of transporting a kayak or board alongside a rooftop box, or systems that will allow you to transport two or more craft at the same time, so make sure you do your homework!

The major drawback of temporary pads is that they are not ideal for travelling long distances, especially on highways. Another potential problem you have to consider is the design of your vehicle if it has a sunroof, as you will have to find a way to install the pads around it if you still want to be able to use that feature.

What is the best way to store craft when not in use?

That depends a lot on your circumstances, the amount of storage room and the ease of access you require. There are systems for storing canoes, kayaks and boards on the wall, suspended from the ceiling or on wheeled trolleys. Consider whether your storage is indoor or outdoor and if you need to make security provisions too. Some suppliers offer storage solutions specially designed for their craft and equipment but there are also systems you can make or adapt yourself.



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