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The Best Tips For Rainy Camping Trips

Do you often get stuck in the rain when you head out camping? Looking for ways to make your camping trip more agreeable in spite of the rain? If so, be sure to read through the top tips from Anaconda on how to make a rainy camping trip better!

What Is The First Tip For Camping In The Rain?

One of the vital parts of keeping your camping trip dry is finding the right location for your tent. While it may be lovely to wake up near a calming river, when it starts to rain, the last thing you want is the inside of your tent soaked.

The best place for your tent is a location with a little elevation, preferably some distance away from a river, lake, or creek. To make the experience better in the morning, it is always advised to put the front of your tent facing east, this will give you a lovely ray of sunshine even when there is a downpour.

When it is raining, you should also avoid putting your tent right underneath a tree. When it stops raining, the tree will still produce some drops of rain. So, if you want to avoid some post-rain problems, stay away from those trees.

What Is The Second Trip For Camping In The Rain?

There are plenty of fun activities to do in the rain, even though you have to put up a tarp next to your tent to remain dry. Of course, ambience can be missing from those rainy days. However, strategically placed lights underneath the trap can certainly set the mood.

Campers can use a variety of lights during rainy weather. If you have the room to pack them, add some mason jars and candles to your camping luggage, this gives you the opportunity to create some mood lighting underneath the tarp. If you rather not lug around mason jars, you can also use a simple set of solar-powered LED lights to keep things cosy.

What Is The Third Tip For Camping In The Rain?

Ambience is not the only thing to be concerned about when it rains, since you also need a spot for some activities. Instead of spending your entire camping trip in the tent, why not create an activities area underneath the tarp?

Pack a large tarp, so you have sufficient room for an outdoor activities area. Grab some camping chairs, a good book, or even a nice board game the entire family can play while the rain comes down.

In addition to playing board games or reading a book, there are other more basic activities that can make your camping trip better. If temperatures are a little colder to boot, you could always start a cosy barbecue with delicious foods to enjoy. There is no better way to enjoy rainy weather than under a strategic tarp with delicious foods.

What Is The Fourth Tip For Camping In The Rain?

If you are going camping to hike on the local trail, you must ensure you pack the right attire. A waterproof shell is an absolute essential to keep yourself dry during the downpour, but some additional layers will keep you warm as well. Fortunately, you can easily acquire thermal attire from Anaconda for a low price.

Still, even if you are wearing waterproof clothing, it is not unusual for some parts of your attire to get wet. If you get stuck in the worst downpour, the last thing you need is wet clothes for the following day.

To ensure your clothes get the time to dry, make sure to hang up a clothesline underneath the trap, this enables you to dry your clothes even during rainy weather. Of course, there are some compact manual clothes dryers you could take with you on your trip. Evidently, these do require some extra packing room.

Waterproof Camping Equipment At Anaconda

Anaconda provides a large range of waterproof camping equipment, this goes from tarps to waterproof cases. We also provide waterproof hiking attire, so we are the one-stop-shop for your next rainy camping trip.

Need advice on the equipment you require? Do not hesitate to contact the Anaconda team for some professional advice.



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