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A camping fridge or fridge freezer is a major investment and there are important considerations prior to purchasing. At Anaconda we have a variety of fridges and fridge freezers suited to all budgets. Australia is a huge country, and your esky, icebox or camping fridge should suit your needs. Anaconda offers products from premium manufacturers such as Waeco, Dometic and Willow to ensure your electric esky or other food and drinks storage solution is exactly right for you. Here are some factors worth considering when buying a camping fridge or fridge freezer.

1. Dual zone versus fridge/freezer: Some fridge freezers operate as a fridge or freezer, but not both at once. However, A dual zone fridge freezer has two compartments and works as a fridge and freezer at the same time. Some dual zone fridges have a removable internal divider to allow the entire unit to be a fridge or freezer. Waterproof WiFi fridge freezers are ideal for long-term camping with family and friends.

2. Bigger isn't necessarily better: For 1-2 people a 40-50 Litre fridge will do the trick whereas if you are a large family you will be safer with 65 Litres plus. Consider both the length of your trip and access you will have to stores and supermarkets locations along the way. Keep in mind that vehicle size is limiting factor for the size of your chosen fridge.

3. Consider insulation: Electric esky fridges with better insulation use less power. Look for camping fridges with thick and effective insulation.

4. Toughness: The electric esky or fridge freezer you choose should be robust enough to handle your activity. Anaconda showcases fridge freezers and iceboxes made made to withstand difficult terrain and soaring temperatures.

5. Power Consumption: This is a good way to compare the efficiency of different fridges. Current draw of a fridge is measured in Amps per hour and most good electric fridges should use 1 - 2 amps per hour. Motorised fridges can be operated by rechargeable batteries, electric power, inverters and even solar panels.

6. Additional Features: Examples include battery protection, WiFi connectivity, temperature control and removable lid. Camping fridges are in vogue in NSW, QLD and all other Australian regions, and Anaconda has the options to suit your personal style.

7. You get what you pay for: Although camping fridges and fridge freezers are impressive, there are also times when a regular esky with ice bricks will suffice. The choices are all yours at Anaconda, at prices regular Australians can afford.


If campsite convenience and comfort is your objective, Anaconda has you covered. You will find camping washing machines, water pumps, pressure washers, mowers, power tools, camp showers and a whole lot more. Camping in Australia is varied, from the cold south to tropical north, making adaptable accessories such as chargers, WiFi gear, inverters, solar panels, hand tools and spare parts all important components of a successful outdoor experience. Whether you are planning a BBQ by the river, or a trek across outback Australia, Anaconda has everything required. We are Australia's favourite camping and outdoor specialist with unbeatable online and in-store deals.

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