EcoFlow is a leading eco-friendly energy solutions company looking to reinvent the way individuals and families access power by providing reliable, accessible and renewable power solutions through portable power and smart devices.

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Founded in 2017, EcoFlow gained fame as a leading portable power solutions provider. Renowned for innovation, their flagship product, the River Portable Power Station, revolutionised mobile power sources. EcoFlow's commitment to sustainable energy and user-friendly designs has made them a trusted name in the industry. Their products, such as EcoFlow Delta Pro and EcoFlow Delta 2, feature advanced lithium-ion battery technology and cater to diverse needs, from outdoor enthusiasts to emergency backup power when camping - and all can be found at Anaconda. With a focus on eco-friendly solutions, EcoFlow has become synonymous with reliable, portable energy, addressing the growing demand for clean and efficient power in various settings worldwide.

Gear up for the ultimate outdoor adventure with our range of EcoFlow's cutting-edge portable power solutions! Unleash the power of the wild with the EcoFlow Delta Pro, your go-to source for charging gadgets, powering lights and even running mini-fridges at your campsite. With a lightweight and compact design, our EcoFlow range ensures you stay connected and powered, no matter how far off the grid you roam. Harness the sun's energy with solar panel compatibility and experience the freedom of sustainable, off-grid camping and adventure. Elevate your camping game and embrace the power of EcoFlow, the trusted companion for every outdoor enthusiast. Conquer the great outdoors by shopping our entire EcoFlow range online or in-store at Anaconda today.

EcoFlow FAQs

Which EcoFlow Power Station should I consider?

For portable and reliable power, consider the EcoFlow River series. The EcoFlow River 2 Pro Portable Power Station offers a high-capacity power station with 1600Wh, multiple AC outlets and versatile charging options, suitable for camping or emergency backup. For more compact needs, the River Mini provides a lightweight solution with 288Wh, ensuring a reliable power source on the go.

What is an EcoFlow?

EcoFlow is a brand specialising in portable power solutions. Their products, like the River series, are compact power stations equipped with lithium-ion batteries, multiple output ports and solar charging capability. Designed for outdoor activities, emergencies or off-grid living, EcoFlow units offer convenient and sustainable power sources, ensuring reliable energy access wherever needed.

How to use EcoFlow Delta?

To use the EcoFlow Delta Pro, plug-in devices to its various output ports, including AC, USB and DC. Power on the Delta using the control panel or mobile app. Monitor battery status and consumption through the informative display. Recharge via a wall outlet, car charger or solar panels for eco-friendly options. The Delta provides versatile and portable power for various applications.

How many years will EcoFlow last?

The lifespan of EcoFlow power stations, like the Delta series, largely depends on usage and maintenance. Typically, lithium-ion batteries have a lifespan of 500 to 1000 charge cycles. With proper care and moderate usage, an EcoFlow unit can last for several years, providing reliable portable power for outdoor activities, emergencies and off-grid scenarios. Regularly updating firmware and following manufacturer guidelines can optimise longevity.

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