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When it comes to having fun by the pool to escape the scorching heat of the harsh summer weather in Australia, nothing is more fun than our range of Wahu pool toys. Whether it is kicking around a Wahu ball or having fun with the whole family while playing a game of cricket with a Wahu cricket set, join the thousands of Aussie families who have discovered the fun of Wahu!

Why Choose Wahu Pool Toys At Anaconda?

Whether in the backyard pool at a family gathering or down at the beach to try and escape the heat, Wahu has been an Aussie family favourite. Since Wahu first started back in 1999, they have been helping families embrace all aspects of the typical and classic Aussie outdoor lifestyle. Our Wahu pool toys range at Anaconda is guaranteed fun, from Wahu footballs and dive packs to mega slides, wingblades, soccer balls, glow gliders, sonic skywinders and so much more.

A great pool toy that will include the whole family is the Wahu Cricket Set, which features three water-fillable stumps, a rubber bat, a PVC cricket ball and included carry bag. Our Wahu balls, like the Wahu Super Grip Skimball, come in a range of bright colours and is perfect for chucking around with a few mates on a warm sunny day on the beach. Whatever your preference is, our range of Wahu pool toys at Ananconda is guaranteed fun for everyone!

Wahu FAQs

Who owns Wahu?

The company Goliath Games owns the brand Wahu. It was back in 2018 when Goliath Games, a global toy and game company based in New York, purchased the popular Australian brand of Wahu, with many of their products being featured in the Toy Fair in New York City.

What are the best pool toys for kids?

When it comes down to what the best pool toy is for your child, it completely comes down to their personal preference. Some may love diving down to the depths of the pool with the Wahu Dive Fun Pack, whereas others may prefer sliding down the extremely fun Wahu Mega Slide!

What are the best pool water balls?

It largely depends on what type of sport they enjoy. However, some of our most popular Wahu balls include the Wahu football, which is made with a tough and durable waterproof neoprene skin with touch stitching, the Wahu Beach Soccer Ball and the Wahu Bocce Set which comes with eight fun bocce balls.

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