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A quality pair of boots can last for decades of outdoor hiking, camping and trekking, particularly if they are cared for using specialised cleaning products and accessories, available from Anaconda.

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There is nothing more important for a hiker than comfortable boots. However, wear and tear on the trail can take its toll, particularly if the boots aren't cleaned and maintained in optimum condition. Anaconda has Australia's widest range of camping, hiking and outdoor gear, including footwear for all types of outdoor experiences. Our range also includes footwear accessories and cleaners designed to improve the appearance and performance of your boots.

How to care for hiking boots and other footwear

Quality hiking boots are built tough to take rough terrain and muddy trails in their stride. However, your boots shouldn't be stored between treks without cleaning them first. If your hiking boots are not cleaned, they will break down over time in a number of ways.

  • When boots flex, particles of grit, dirt and sand that have crept into the leather or fabric will grind away like sandpaper.
  • Mud on boots will suck moisture from leather while drying, ultimately making your boots less pliable and speeding up the aging process.

Hiking boots are easily cleaned using a specialised boot cleaner and boot brush. Here are a few tips for keeping your boots in top condition.

  • Remove laces prior to cleaning.
  • Use a boot brush or other suitable brush to remove dust and dirt.
  • Double check to ensure the boot cleaner you use is suitable for your boots.
  • Don't use harsh detergents that may harm leather and waterproof membranes.
  • Rinse the boots with water once they are cleaned.
  • Never put boots in a washing machine.
  • It's a good idea to occasionally waterproof your boots with a custom made product.

Drying boots after cleaning

Hiking boots should not remain wet for long periods while in storage. Here are a few tips to avoid mould and odours dampening your experience.

  • Remove the insoles and allow them to dry separately from the boots.
  • Dry at normal temperature in an area without excessive humidity.
  • Don't use a heat source to dry boots as it can prematurely age the material.
  • Utilise a fan to speed up the drying process if desired.
  • Stuff newspaper into the boots to help speed up drying.
  • Don't store boots in damp, hot or unventilated spaces.

Healthy leather functions optimally when moisturised. A little quality boot cleaner goes a long way, so don't overdo it as it can make hiking boots too soft and reduce their ability to provide adequate support.

For an all-in-one boot cleaning solution, check out the Grangers Footwear Care Kit available at Anaconda. This kit contains footwear and gear cleaner, footwear repel, footwear conditioner and a footwear brush. These products are safe to use on all types of hiking boots and other shoes made from hard leather, suede, nubuck and fabric. Check out other cleaning products also, such as Grangers Footwear Proofer that contains a conditioning oil for nourishing and replenishing tired looking leather.

Feet, ankles and lower leg extremities are subject to a lot of impacts and scratches while hiking, so it's also worth considering wearing a quality pair of gaiters designed for Australian conditions. Anaconda solutions include Sea to Summit Quagmire Canvas Gaiters that fit comfortably, provide ventilation and protect your legs from sharp objects, snakes and other critters of the Australian bush.

Anaconda is Australia's favourite hiking and outdoor specialist retailer with more premium brand-name products than anyone else. Check out our impressive range online or visit us in-store for more inspiration.



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